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So you want to play Trinity? Warframe

Warframe Trinity

Hello again, I haven’t made one these for a while and felt compelled to make another warframe guide! I pulled a name out of a hat (literally) and today’s guide is for Trinity, so buckle up. I’ve decided to do one warframe at a time, so I can focus more on the abilities of said frame and how one would play the frame in a mission. I would also like to say, before the Trinity mains come out to say: “fucking retarded n00b, that’s obviously not the optimal way to play Trinity, this build is,” this guide is aimed at newer players that want to know how to play and build particular frames. If you are a Trinity main though, please do leave any comments that you think will be helpful and constructive, this is all about sharing our knowledge after all. In all honesty, I don’t play Trinity very often, but I have had a lot of success with her, so I’m not uninitiated or anything. Without Further ado, Trinity:

Stats (normal/prime)

  • HEALTH: 100/100
  • SHIELD: 100/150
  • ARMOR: 15/15
  • ENERGY: 150/150
  • SPRINT: 1.0/1.1
  • POLARITIES: D(aura) D D / D(aura) D D V



Trinity revives her allies 25% faster and from further away. This makes Trinity a great field medic with the damage reduction she receives from both Link and Blessing.

Well of Life

Trinity suspends an enemy in the air for a duration, multiplying its health by 10 and restoring it to full. Furthermore, allies who shoot at the suspended enemy are healed for a percentage of the damage they deal. This ability will expire once a certain amount of health has been restored.

Augment: Pool of Life Enemies killed after being marked by Well of Life have increased chance to drop a health orb and an energy orb. As I said before, Blessing is a superior heal, and that doesn’t change with this augment. Energy Vampire is a superior energy restore, plus for both Blessing and Energy Vampire give their health and energy directly to allies, whereas with pick-ups, they actually have to pick them up. The advantage of this augment is its synergy with Health Conversion and Energy Conversion

The main use of this ability is the CC (crowd control) it provides. Blessing is a superior heal, and a trinity that is using Energy Vampire will always have enough energy for a Blessing. Be careful using this ability on high-priority targets, your allies will not appreciate it, they might even call you names, like: “lobster butt idiot, don’t WOL the (insert thing you WOL’d here)”

Energy Vampire

Trinity marks an enemy with blue energy, (coincidence??) staggering them. The enemy will emit four pulses over the duration, which will restore energy to Trinity and her allies. Energy Vampire also deals a percentage of the target’s remaining health as finisher damage (ignores all resistances). If the enemy is killed before the duration ends or all four pulses resolve, then one pulse releases the rest of the energy it would have given over its duration.

So here’s the ability that most people will want a Trinity in their squad for. If you’ve ever seen someone asking for “EV” in recruiting chat, that means they want a Trinity optimized to cast Energy Vampire over and over. Unlimited energy means unlimited casting of other abilities, making Trinity desired in almost every squad. Since EV will pulse four times over its duration, regardless of how long or short it is, a shorter duration will actually restore energy faster, making Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude very desirable on an EV build. High duration doesn’t ruin EV however, it just requires an additional step, which is killing the marked enemy. If your weapons are strong enough, you can achieve this very easily.

Augment: Vampire Leech Excess energy is converted into shields, with the capability of granting overshields. This augment is quite useful, as it provides a buffer from damage, allowing trinity additional time to notice her allies taking damage and requiring a Blessing. For frames with shields (which is all but two of them) and especially those that sacrifice their shields for their abilities (Harrow, Valkyr, and Chromasorta) this will be greatly appreciated.


Trinity bonds with up to three enemies, redirecting received damage to the linked enemies and reducing the damage she receives. Linked enemies will also suffer any status effects in Trinity’s stead (staggers, knockdowns, radiation, etc.)

At first glance, one might assume that Link is a selfish ability, and has no place on a support frame. Not so! Trinity is a field medic, healing, shielding, restoring energy, and when the occasion calls for it, reviving. Being immune to knockdowns makes reviving safer and easier for Trinity, and thereby keeps her allies alive longer. While the buffs provided by Link do apply to Trinity only, she provides more than enough support and damage reduction as it is. If you’re feeling more aggressive however, damage reduction from Blessing and Link turn Trinity into a nigh indestructible tank who can fearlessly charge head-on into the enemy while also giving energy and health or whatever, sometimes.

Augment: Abating Link Trinity reduces the armor of linked enemies, making her a more effective support, or a more effective unstoppable killing machine, whatever floats your boat. Take note however, a negative duration build for EV will have nearly no use for this augment, as link will last for about one second.


Trinity restores the health and shields of allies within range, while granting them a lingering buff of damage reduction. Pretty straightforward honestly.

This is the other ability that people will ask for Trinity to optimize, in raids groups will sometimes ask for one of each. Damage reduction from Blessing maxes out at 75% and lasts longer with a longer duration. If you’ve been paying attention, then you already see the issue; optimizing for EV output makes the Blessing buff less effective and vice versa. Unfortunately, there is not really a market for middle-of-the-road Trinitys (Trinities?) so if you want to play at high level with a squad of randoms, prepare to pick one or the other. If you don’t care what the haterz think, then do whatever you like the most, it is a free country after all.


So I have talked about this a bit already, with the discussion about duration and its effect on EV and Blessing, so you already got some spoilers sorrynotsorry . For modding purposes, I’ll assume that you know the basic mods for increasing stats. If not (I trusted you) then I’ll link the basic ones when I talk about each stat.

Strength: Intensify Pretty much essential on Trinity, more healing, energy, and damage reduction. Transient Fortitude has been mentioned already, as it has no real downside on EV, but it does affect every other ability negatively. Blind Rage is not as risky on Trinity as other frames, as she can very easily restore her own energy. Even so, you may want to have some compensatory efficiency.

Range: Stretch Essential on Trinity as well, spread that energy like Johnny Appleseed. With Overextended you can get a huge boost to range, at the cost of strength, you will want to compensate for this.

Duration: Continuity Like I said above, negative duration can work in your favor if you want to optimize for EV, use both Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude for maximum output per second. If you want a high duration however, ignore these mods. For extra-selfish unkillability (it’s a wordnow) use Narrow Minded.

Efficiency: Streamline It’s up to preference how much efficiency you want on Trinity, do keep in mind that without increased max energy, you may run out of energy even on Trinity.

Armor: Both Trinity and her prime variant have only 15 armor, granting ~4.76% damage reduction. With Steel Fiber, Armor is increased to 31.5, granting ~9.50% damage reduction. Damage reduction from armor only applies to health, but the damage reduction that Trinity can grant herself via Link and Blessing applies to both health and shields, and is much higher. Don’t build armor on Trinity.

Health/Shields: Trinity can restore both health and shields with her abilities, so she doesn’t necessarily benefit from one more than the other, especially with her low armor. Trinity Prime has a base shield value of 150, so you may want Redirection over Vitality. This decision is based on personal preference however.

Sprint Speed: This is really a preference stat. With higher sprint speed, you can run to downed allies faster, but you could also bullet jump.


Preferred Mission Types

Trinity can excel anywhere, and truly shines when she can supplement a squad. Whenever the objective is to defend a person (defection, rescue, sortie defense) Trinity can heal the operative/defector and grant them damage reduction with Blessing. Trinity is my go-to for missions like this.

Your Role

Trinity is the most desired support in the game right now, no one else can do what she does as well as she does. As the most efficient healer and energy generator in the game, your role is too keep your allies healthy and topped off with energy. If you haven’t already, go to options > interface > show player list and turn it on. This shows you everything you need to know while playing Trinity; health, shields, energy, and whether your allies are downed or not. Every Trinity should have these points in mind while playing, regardless of build.

EV: If the enemy in front of you is not under the effects of EV, it had better be because someone else is. Luckily for him it’ll be over soon (if you optimized for minimal duration). Just because your build is focused on EV, doesn’t mean that it’s the only ability you will use. Blessing is super important on every Trinity, the instant heal is well worth the cast, even if there is no meaningful damage reduction that follows. Be sure to Bless whenever your allies need it, you will have the energy.

Blessing: A slightly different playstyle, this build favors duration, strength, and range. Blessing Trinities(?) are usually glorified babysitters. Cast Blessing whenever an ally is low, or whenever the buff is about to wear off. Keeping Link up keeps you alive to, which means you can keep your squad/operative alive too. Stay topped off with energy by casting EV on enemies that are about to die, or those that can be killed quickly. You can also use WOL to isolate various threats (Bombards, Bursas, Juggernauts) but this should be exercised with caution, you may multiply an enemy’s health by 10 while one of your allies is trying to kill it.

Selfish: This one is total preference. If you don’t care what your squad thinks (you monster) then build whatever you want on trinity. Narrow Minded extends buff duration, which you can keep all to yourself. An unkillable tank needs a strong weapon though, so be sure to have a halfway decent one before you march off to empty a clip into an enemy’s face only to have them do the same to you with disappointing results from both parties.

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