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NOOB’s Guide for Fallout New Vegas DLC

Fallout New Vegas DLC

What is this?

Well it’s simple. This guide is a quick rundown on each of Fallout New Vegas’s DLC’s. And this guide is to design helping Newcomers to figure out which (if not) all DLC’s do they prefer. Pretty simple, right?

The next thing your wondering is: “Why?” I am doing this guide to help newcommers to Fallout New Vegas. Instead of wasting time looking up the forums or posting topics about the DLC, or even looking up in the wiki. This guide will help newcommers understand what each DLC is in store for them without spoiling it.

NOTE: It is highly recommended playing ALL THE DLC’s in order from Dead Money to Lonesome Road to make sense of the story in Lonesome. If not the story then at least the characters within the final story based DLC.

Recommended Starter levels

Fallout New Vegas Perks

Before we begin. Here are the “recommended starter levels” for each DLC. Note, that Honest Hearts doesn’t require a specific recommended level starter. Just a specific weight limit.

  • Dead Money-Level 20+
  • Honest Hearts: Weight Limit: 100 (Using Strong Back or Pack Rat is useful. Plus a survival skill of 50)
  • Old World Blues-Level 15+
  • Lonsome Road-Level 25+

Also you can start the DLC at anytime. There is no “invisible Wall” preventing you to start the DLC’s. Just be aware Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Old World Blues you won’t be able to go back into the Mojave Wasteland until the quest is complete. So save before attempting any of the DLC’s except for Lonesome Road. You can go back and forth between the DLC zone and the Mojave Zone.

Dead Money

Dead Money

Here’s the rundown for the first Fallout New Vegas DLC: Dead Money.

Note: It is recommended that first-time players reach level 20 or higher before beginning this add-on.

So what is “Dead Money”?

In a nutshell you take Fallout, combine with the skill and challenge from a Souls Game. And you combined it into one spectacular DLC for you to either enjoy. Or practically cussing and destroying your keyboard in rage or computer screen which ever comes first. Although it isn’t as hard unless you, yourself make it hard. So beware.

This DLC combines skill and dialogue. Adding to that is an intriguing storyline with a very interesting line up of characters. In a dangerous environment that almost anything can kill you.

What to expect from this DLC?

  1. “Hardcore” environment
  2. Character dilemma and drama
  3. An interesting story of the Sierra Madre.
  4. Heavy skill based DLC


  1. Challenges that tests the player’s particular play style.
  2. An interesting storyline with characters each of them interconnected.
  3. Special loot designed for the DLC.


  1. One way trip till DLC is finished. (save before starting DLC)
  2. All items in inventory are gone. Until completion of the DLC (Make sure your weight capacity is large in number if you are intending bringing back everything).
  3. No companions may come along from Mojave Wasteland. Including companions from the DLC may journey with you outside of the DLC area either when the questline is finished or during.
  4. No Fast travel.
  5. No Player home.

Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts

So what is Honest Hearts?

Take the dark and murky setting of Dead Money. And exchange it for a much nicer and calm setting. Unlike the previous DLC this DLC doesn’t rely on skill mostly paying attention much more to the dialogue and figuring out the rights and wrongs between Daniel and a man named Joshua. This DLC does require a weight limit before traveling but if you have certain perks then that requirement will be negated.

What to expect from this DLC?

  1. Beautiful lush environment.
  2. Interesting NPCs with their own backstory
  3. New and returning creatures
  4. Specific items and perks for the DLC.
  5. Specific quests that is related to the DLC


  1. New items and New Perks.
  2. New setting with NPCs and creatures to see.
  3. DLC requires mainly no skill. Plays like a typical vanilla session.


  1. One way ticket until the DLC is completed.
  2. Followers from this DLC will not go with you after the DLC is completed. Followers from ‘New Vegas’ will not journey with you to DLC location.
  3. No player home.

Note: Fast travel can be used. Only until the final quest where you will have to do a lot of traveling around. Fast Travel will resume once the final quest is done.

Old World Blues

Old World Blues

What is Old World Blues?

You take science fiction and mix it with a little bit of Fallout. and this is what this DLC is in a nutshell. This DLC takes place in a scientific research hub where you will help scientists foil the plans of another scientist that has gone mad. Unlike the previous two DLC’s this one has no requirement except for level.

What to expect in this DLC?

  1. Science-fiction references to movies, tv, etc.
  2. Witty Humor.
  3. “Perks” to help reshape your character. (This is the only DLC that does it).


  1. Perks to help redesign your character.
  2. Energy galore (Equipment, weapons, etc.)
  3. Witty Humor
  4. Able to fast travel
  5. Large scale places to explore. Each place with it’s own history and unique quest.
  6. Player Home. With it’s own personality.
  7. Many scientific related quests (if you like science-fiction or science in general).


  1. Unable to bring companions along. DLC has specific companion.
  2. Heavily based DLC that relies on Energy, Science, Repair and Speech perks. (This is for players not using these particular set of skills whatsoever).
  3. Fast Traveling (at the beginning of the DLC. Once you start discovering places. This shouldn’t be a biggy).

Note: At some point you will get a device that can transport you from this location to the Mojave.

Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road

So what is the Lonesome Road?

Well that is a quick explanation. It combines all the previous DLC’s:

  • Dead Money’s – Challenges with skills and perks for the particular player playstyle
  • Honest Heart’s – Exploration with morality in mind.
  • Old World Blues – Unique backdrop and storyline.

Note: Well te♥♥♥♥♥ally if you have been following this guide it combines all the goods and bads of the previous DLCs, and either improves upon them or removes them completely for something more linear.

What to expect from this DLC?

  1. Dangerous and terrifying new locations.
  2. New enemies (Only for the DLC)
  3. New loot and perks.
  4. Connecting Storyline with the previous DLC’s and mainly your story.
  5. Ideology and morality discussions.


  1. Able to travel from and to the Mojave. Unlike in previous DLC’s. (Exception is Old World Blues)
  2. Fast Travel
  3. Companions are not allowed into the add-on, as with all the other add-ons in Fallout: New Vegas
  4. DLC requires no exceptions only for level. (Although it isn’t really challenging)


  1. Mile-away storyline. (You should have a good idea where your story will be heading towards)
  2. Companions from DLC may not journey with you outside the DLC zone after completion.
  3. Some familiar enemies.
  4. Lack of real impact in the main storyline.

Note: I won’t spoil the reasons for number 4. But by the time you beat this DLC you will probably be thinking, “Wait that’s it?”

Courier’s Stash

Courier's Stash

So what is the Courier’s Stash?

Well depending on the certain retailer you will get a specific “Starter Gear” for the pre-order.

But now? As a whole? What does the ENTIRE Courier’s Stash contain?

Caravan Pack

  • Lightweight leather armor
  • Sturdy caravan shotgun
  • 40 20 gauge shotgun shells
  • 4 weapon repair kits
  • Binoculars

Classic Pack

  • Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit
  • Weathered 10mm pistol
  • 50 10mm rounds
  • Vault 13 canteen <— Semi-Useful on Hardcore mode.
  • 5 stimpaks

Mercenary Pack

  • Lightweight metal armor
  • Mercenary’s grenade rifle
  • 20 40mm grenades
  • 3 super stimpaks
  • 3 doctor’s bags

Tribal Pack

  • Tribal raiding armor
  • Broad machete
  • 5x bleak venom
  • 10 throwing spears

So if you want to make your travels throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Less, stressful. This is for you.

Note: Some mods on the Fallout New Vegas Nexus does require this add-on. And also all of this equipment will be given to you at the start of every playthrough.

Gun Runner’s Arsenal

Gun Runners Arsenal

What is the Gun Runners’ Arsenal?

Well it is two-fold. This add-on does two things:

  1. It increases the number of unique weapons, weapon mods, and powerful ammo types, and recipes.
  2. This add-on also gives new challenges and more achievements/trophies.

I won’t spoil some of the things this add-on contains.

It basically boils down to this. Overall, If your a gun nut. And love your fallout guns. And also the challenge system within Fallout New Vegas. This one is for you.

Note: Just like the Courier’s Stash. This add-on is needed for some related mods. Or else those mods on the Nexus won’t work.

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