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Snow globes in Fallout: New Vegas (with DLC)

Fallout New Vegas Snow Globes

This is average guide about locations of all snow globes in game, including DLC. During the game you can find it without any troubles, but search of this trophies is more easy with some help from people and community.

Goodsprings. First snow globe

It’s founded in digged grave at the middle of Goodsprings Cemetery:

Mormon Fort. Second snow globe

Second snow globe is dislocated in left tower from entry to the Fort. Snow globe is located upstairs on bookshelf:

Mt. Charleston. Third snow globe

How always, you must travel to town – Jacobstown. In the reception is located this easy-to-take globe:

The Strip. Fourth snow globe

Yes, trip. Again. Snow globe is located in lowest level of Vault 21. At first you will down to restrooms of hotel. In the northeast corner of this level you will see typical and usual room, which is situated as next to buyable room:

Hoover Dam. Fifth snow globe

Obviously, this snow globe is located on Hoover Dam. Exactly, on the visitor reception (center):

Lucky 38. Sixth snow globe

In the residence of Mister House you can find this snow globe in the cocktail-bar. This snow globe is located behind the middle of row of cash registers:

AFB Nellis. Last New Vegas snow globe

This snow globe is located in Nellis Boomer Museum (on AFB Nellis), on the table to the right from entry:

Honest Hearts DLC. Zion National Park snow globe

It’s easy to found this snow globe in the general store of Zion on the broken shelf of behind the middle:

Old World Blues DLC. Big MT snow globe

You can find this snow globe in the X-17 Meteorological Station, in the room on the catwalk:

Lonesome Road DLC. Junction 7 Rest snow globe

You can find it at the Junction 7 Rest Stop just past the High Road. Take a right, the shop is at the bottom of the hill. The snow globe is upstairs:

Dead Money DLC. Sierra Madre Casino snow globe

It’s difficult to find, so copypaste from wiki is good for this situation:

Located near Dean’s Secret Stash in the upper levels of Salida del Sol North. From the southern-most entrance to Salida del Sol South (inside a house in Salida del Sol North), proceed down the stairway and out to the street, then look behind you for the entrance hole in the wall above. This area can be reached by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and following the rooftops back towards the hole.

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