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All Witch It Secret Props

Witch It Secret Props

Shows the locations of all the secret props in Witch It according to the prop collection.

List of Secret Props

This image shows the secret props as seen in the prop collection. They are numbered according to the Guide Index. This guide was made possible by all the other online guides, so thanks to all of those who have helped us through their guides and comments!


Found on Shipwreck Hallow, this larger size barrel can be easily overlooked. It sits on a platform above the orange ship. It is said that this prop is also on Fiskersted; however, due to the Holiday event, I believe it has been temporarily removed.

Big Cheese

This item is found on Chummy Potato. It sits in the corner directly right of the hunters’ area when exiting on some variations.

Big Shell

This can be found on Loakiki ParadisePort Plunder, and Fiskersted. On Loakiki Paradise you can see it in the ground on one side of the island. On Port Plunder it is inside a rock, port (left) side of the ship. On Fiskersted it is inside the walls of one of the underground tunnels.

Boje’s moving Tower

This guy really gets around! He is present on three maps: MorgenstundPort Plunder, and Twin Mask Theater. The easiest one is Morgenstund. He is over a gate outside the map directly left exiting the hunters’ area. If you pass under the two towers, you went too far.

Perry Propper

Found on Twin Mask Theater and Snowbreeze, this prop looks like an occult book. On Twin Mask Theater it sits in the basement between two outhouses. On Snowbreeze it is in the upper room on the roof sitting on a shelf. Both depend on the variation.

The Attributes of Pawn

Found on Twin Mask Theater, this prop looks like a blue book. It rests on the top ledge of the main theater on some variations.

The Big Blue Book

Found on Snowbreeze, it hides inside the wall next to the hunter’s area on some variations. Look into the “crack” in the wall. (Note: The hunter’s area has two doors. Make sure you have the correct side!)

Bread Pit

This can be found on Loakiki Paradise. It rests on a rock near the back left side of the hunter’s area.

Exenoxx’s Birthday Cake

Located on Snowbreeze, this prop looks just like the regular cake prop. It sits in the room ontop of the roof on some variations.

Mini Cannon

This is only located on Snowbreeze to my knowledge. It is inside a wall on all variations. (It is the same cannon in all the pictures.)

Golden Cutlass

This prop is found on Port Plunder. It sticks out of a pile of gold on the dock.

German Computer Games Award

This prop is found on three maps: Grunewald LibraryMorgenstund, and Chummy Potato. The easiest one is on Grunewald Library. Check the small dome on the roof right of the witches spawn.

Is this an outhouse for ants?

This prop is found on three maps: Chummy PotatoSnowbreeze, and Fiskersted. Refer to the pictures. I didn’t include Fiskersted because it is currently the Holiday event.


This is literally found everywhere! The pictures I have are of Port Plunder and Grunewald Library, but this doesn’t include all of them by a long shot! The tower in the second is in the back of the maze.

Green Tooth

Like the Upvote, this is on almost every map! In the pictures I have Sleeping Rose CemeteryChummy PotatoLoakiki Paradise, and Twin Mask Theater.

Bud Delmore’s favorite Hairbrush

This is found on Twin Mask Theater. There are two crossed behind the poster in the picture.

Big Hammer

Found on Morgenstund and Twin Mask Theater, this hammer is inside a wall on both.


Literally just a house, this prop is found on Morgenstund. It lies outside the map border left of the hunter’s area when exiting. (Tip: Stand on the tree the way I am in the picture.)

Tiny House

This prop is located on Chummy Potato. It is inside a corner house. (Both picture are of the same prop.)

Snow-covered House

Located on Fiskersted and Snowbreeze, this prop sits outside the maps on certain variations. The picture is of Fiskersted where the house is in the background. Snowbreeze is currently modified for the Holiday event.

Jack O’Green

This prop can be found on Chummy Potato. It is inside a roof left of exiting the hunter’s area. It is only there on certain variations.

Jack O’Undead

Often mistaken for a Jack O’Green, this prop is located on Sleeping Rose Cemetery. It rests on top of a stone bridge/overhang.

Mini Bed

This prop is inside a stone pillar on Loakiki Paradise.

Lost #1 cap

This item is on a skull in a coffin buried under the #1 headstone on Sleeping Rose Cemetery. This is only for the variation with a mug next to the #1 headstone.

Marshall’s “Gang”

This picture is across some hedges outside the map on some variations of Grunewald Library. It is immediately left to the witches’ spawn.


This MEGA awesome prop is located on Chummy Potato. It sits on a house in the far left corner when you exit the hunters’ area. Present on all variations.


Located on Port Plunder. It is inside the roof the house connected to the farthest overpass from the witches’ spawn.

Huge Pizza

Under the ground in the far right corner when you exit the hunters’ area, this prop is present on Chummy Potato. This is not on all variations.

Big Bandbox

This prop is located on Snowbreeze. It is only present (no pun intended) on the variation with the wooden ramp. Look inside the tower right of the ramp.

Summer Sledge

Located on Loakiki Paradise in the stone bridge. It is present on all variations.

Huge Snowman

This prop is outside the border on Snowbreeze. Walking up the hill, it is in the top left next to the witches’ spawn. It is only there on some variations.

Drunkard’s Barrel

These spirits can be found on Grunewald LibraryMorgenstund, and Snowbreeze. On Grunewald Library, it is inside the left small dome on the roof.

Silly Starfish

Patty is found on Loakiki Paradise. He rests on a rock outside the border near the stone bridge.

German Developer Award 2017

You will not see an outline for this one! On Morgenstund you need to look through a window above where the occult books, purple candles, and the caged luaqs sometimes spawn. This is near the Big Hammer. I don’t know if it is on all variations. Refer to the pictures.

Twitch Trophy

This is located in a chimney on Port Plunder. Below it is the broken ship full of gold.


It is on the top balcony right of the witches’ spawn in Twin Mask Theater. I believe it is only present on some variations.


Located on Chummy Potato and Loakiki Paradise. It is in the back right of the Chummy Potato when exiting the hunters’ area. It is on the back of the lifeguard stand on Loakiki Paradise.


This prop is in several locations on Snowbreeze. Usually it is tucked in a corner of an overpass.

Witch It Sign

This prop is found on Chummy Potato. It is Inside a tower that rests outside the map to the left of the hunters area when exiting.

Bonus Items

These are props that don’t have a spot in the secret props list, but we believe should.

  • Tiny Snowman: On Snowbreeze there is a tinier version of the tiny snowman. This is only on one variation that we know of.

  • Bigger Wheel: On Chummy Potato there is a slightly larger than normal wheel sitting on the side of a house.

  • Giant Green Banana: This is found on Port Plunder and Loakiki Paradise. It counts as a green banana.

  • Svennieke’s Birthday Cake: On Morgenstund on some variations, there is a statue outside the border near the round house. Behind it you can turn into a cake with this cute, little topper. It is named, but it has no place in the secret props.

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