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Alternative Mod Launcher – XCOM 2

The amazing work of has been transformed into a community project. Everyone is welcome to contribute bug fixes and new or improved features via Github. There’s also both a development board and a channel on the XCOM 2 Modding Discord server for coordinating work and offering suggestions.


  • Skips the official XCOM 2 launcher
  • Mod categories and profiles
  • Basic compatibility checks (duplicate ids, class and screenlistener conflicts)
  • Basic steam support (details, changelog, unsubscribe)
  • Cleans old ModOverride entries from XComEngine.ini
  • Can delete unnecessary files to reduce memory footprint
  • Configuration editor, change all of a mod’s configs from right in the launcher
  • Configuration saving, save your changes to disk and directly into your settings file for backup
  • Filter on the mod list
  • Profile loader will attempt to create groups if the profile contains groups
  • Launcher can be run on multiple computers (from Dropbox, etc) and carry all settings over (must reapply saved configs)
  • Editable mod descriptions
War of the Chosen

A partial compatibility update for War of the Chosen has been released, and another compatibility update is planned.


Filter mods

Toggle groups, expands/collapses all groups, dependent on the average state of groups to

Saving a profile with grouping now allows importing of those groups on reloading the profile.

Toggle auto-numbering of mod indexes. Shifting a mod up will shift all mods below it down (and vice versa) to maintai

Load all configs from a mod.

Compare configs that are backed up vs on disk for any changes.


XCOM 2 Mods

.NET 4.6 (if you’re on win 7, you might need to update) 64-bit Windows (Mac might be possible if you compile with mono) Steam running


XCOM 2 Advanced Strategy

Latest Release


Extract all files wherever you want and run the exe. The launcher should detect game path etc. automatically. You can use Tools > Import active mods for a quicker first time setup, if you want.

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