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What is your preferred base build order

XCOM 2 Build Order

Interested to see what gets the most upvotes.

Build Order

XCOM 2 Console Commands

The start is pretty straight forward:

  1. GTC: Stick to one main squad until it’s done … the ability to cherrypick the classes of your support squad is worth the risk AND you need high-level troops to unlock squad size upgrades anyways.
  2. AWC: The best building in the game. Not only are the perks you gain potentially gamebreaking, it helps keeping your a-team in the rotation (reduced wound recovery time with an engi present)
  3. Power: Or proving ground if you got the mission to increase the avengers power and have enough cores/supplies to use it.
  4. Proving grounds: Great building … invest in at least one spider suit once available and give it your scout (ranger with phantom) Exo suits … you can wait for war suits if you aren’t in a bad spot during the tactical gameplay.

  This is the core infrastructure … there is no deviation possible here (mostly)

Once done … you can usually take a short breather and focus a bit on upgrades. You should at the very least have mag weapons & mimic beacons & a skull jack with skullmining (don’t use that yet … it’s only there for the odd instakill of NON OFFICERS and to raise your specialists hacking stat)

At this point the avatar project should be just about finished but not quite yet (if it is … consider using the skull jack on an officer to get a timer reset)

The save route from here on is:

  1. Coms relay
  2. power/shadow chamber (if you already used the skulljack)

If you did well or just were lucky with the facility placement (as in you have access to the blacksite AND one more facility) consider going for a psy lab first.

Level a psy operative until he at the very least has access to inspire and swap a grenadier out for him. With inspire he will act like a grenadier when you need high burst are (he inspires the grenadier to give him an extra turn to either fire another grenade or suppress) and depending on his level he can do some very good other stuff (void rift, soulfire, domination, … )


XCOM 2 Multiplayer

Some other tips:

  1. Don’t build a workshop Well, if rng screws you hard then maybe … but even 2-3 engineers are more than enough. Think about it this way … early on you need engineers mostly to clear out the avenger. BUT you also are supply starved … so investing in a workshop will slow your progression down quite a bit (especially once you consider the power issues you ll face) And later on, when you aren’t as restricted in your supplies you generally don’t need engineers any more (1 in the awc to heal if shit went wrong and maybe one in coms during early mid game … that’s it … proving ground/psy lab can be rotated in trough the awc engi … and again, while rushing certain items is worth it, you ll usually face resource issues moreso than ever time constraints.)
  2. The lab faces similar issues … A big investment early on … and while it will pay off somewhat, having an insane research speed does not mean that you can actually afford the stuff you researched.
  3. Your goal is not to fill the avenger Build only what you immediatly need … your main goal should be to invest in equipment NOT buildings. DOn’t upgrade buildings just because you can.
  4. Elirium Cores: The very first thing after maybe squad size one you should buy, is the volture upgrade in the tactics school. Cores are the most important and scarce resource in the game … so it is extremly important to get this upgrade early.
  5. Xp: It’s well worth buying the xp upgrade in the tactics school … also pick a star player during early game (for me it was my sniper) and feed him kills. It is extremly important to get a high ranked soldier early (to unlock both squadsize upgrades) … not only will this make missions easier … it will help leveling your troops faster.
  6. Ignore the avatar project: Especially true during guerillia choices … Your goal should be to increase the number of engineers (very early) or scientists and damn the actual thing that the mission counters.

There are imo only 2 exceptions here:

increased spotting radius, simply because it’s a pain in the ass to deal with and makes pulling single pods much more difficult

ufo pursuit … simply because if gone wrong on an iron man run, it can be a game ender (ignore this if you don’t play iron man).

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