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Best Mods for Civ 6 R&F

Civilization 6 Mods

Mod types I’m looking for:

  • UI
  • Units
  • Wonders (Natural or not)
  • Any other cool mods you guys use!

Best Mods

I’ll break down some of the most popular options and some of my favorites, but I am sure I am missing many. Full disclosure: I am a modder and many of these are mods that I have made or contributed to.

Modded Civilizations and Leaders

  • Tons of options here. Just search the Steam workshop for names like Sukritact, JFD, CIVITAS, Leugi, and Merrick.

User Interface (UI) Mods

  • CQUI is a very popular UI overhaul. I don’t use it myself because I don’t like some of the components and I find it causes lag, but lots of people love it. I prefer to use individual components of it, like Better Report Screen and More Lenses.
  • Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments: I prefer this to CQUI. Not a huge UI overhaul, rather it has tweaks for convenience.
  • KinetiKam allows you to zoom further in and out. A must-have IMO!

Game Content


  • YNAMP is intensely popular. It adds the famous true start location Earth maps as well as several custom map sizes and a Terra map script.
  • PerfectWorld6 is the return of the wonderful PerfectWorld map script from Civ 5! It makes worlds that are extremely interesting and most of all believable. Also has a “Terra” map script option, like YNAMP.
  • Detailed Worlds is a great series of map scripts, and includes scripts like Small Continents, Mixed Continents, Island Regions, etc. Creates very interesting worlds; use this instead of PerfectWorld6 if you want maps that are more similar to the regular map scripts, but more detailed. I highly recommend both PerfectWorld6 and Detailed Worlds.


    • Both of those work well together, but I think there may be an issue when using Sukritact’s Resources with Resourceful 2.

  • Truly Abundant Resources adds 2 more Resource settings on the game set-up screen so the maps generate even more resources than Abundant: Plentiful and Truly Abundant. It also includes tweaks like enabling certain resources to spawn on a wider variety of terrain and features, and optimizing sea luxury generation.

Natural Wonders

  • Terra Mirabilis is really awesome. It adds 17 new, beautiful natural wonders, is going to be updated with more, and makes a lot of great changes to Natural Wonder gameplay.
  • Sukritact releases his natural wonders individually. Again, search his name on the workshop, but his natural wonders include the Grand CanyonGreat Blue Hole, and Tonle Sap.
  • By the way, Terra Mirabilis and Sukritact’s wonders all work together very well. I have them all activated for every game I play!


  • Religion Expanded adds a ton of content to the religion game, including nearly 50 new beliefs, new buildings, and the ability for up to 16 religions to be founded per game rather than just 7.
  • Tomatekh’s Historical Religions adds hundreds of historical religions to the game for you and the AI to found.
  • Zebenji’s Additional Religions adds some more, with a focus on funny or silly religions from pop culture.

City States

  • City States Expanded adds over 40 new city states to the game, each with very cool suzerain bonuses. It also adds 4 new city state types to the game. Really spices up that aspect of the game.


  • Steel and Thunder adds 11 new global units to the game. It really fills in the gaps between some unit upgrade paths.
  • Steel and Thunder: Unique Units is a sister mod to Steel and Thunder and adds 1 new unique unit for every civ in the game.


  • Rosetta – Dynamic City Names is a really neat mod that automatically changes cities’ names based on their owner. The mod author keeps it updated with all DLC and with popular modded civilizations and leaders.
  • Improved City Names by the same mod author as Rosetta adds thousands of city names for all the game’s civs as well as modded civs.
  • Random City Names does exactly what the name suggests, so you won’t see the same city names every time.
  • Historic Continent Names changes the names of the continents in-game to names of regions from ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, etc. if you like that sort of history.
  • Vibrant Waters improves the texture of fresh water (lakes, rivers, oases, and certain natural wonders) and makes them really pop out.
  • Tsunami Waves and Tsunami Waves: Lite Version make the waves that crash against cliffs bigger for a cool visual effect.
  • Unique District Icons is pretty self-explanatory! So the acropolis icon will be different from the theater square that it replaces, etc.
  • Quick Start skips the start-up EULA and logos so you can get to the menu quicker.

Game Play

  • Historic Speed (Extended Eras) adds a new game speed option with Standard production times but Marathon research times, so you spend longer in each era and can get full use out of your units, etc.
  • 8 Ages of Pace is a game speed mod but preserves the general feel of the game. Unfortunately it has yet to be updated for Rise and Fall.
  • Rule with Faith is an overhaul mod; it’s difficult to succinctly describe it, but it greatly expands the religion and government systems. It has so much flavor too. FYI, it’s compatible with Religion Expanded and Historic Speed 🙂
  • Better Coastal Cities and Water Tiles makes settling on the coast more attractive by buffing the Harbor district and its buildings.
  • Better Desert, Snow, and Tundra Tiles improves the yields of those types of terrain.

Whew! That’s a lot of mods. There are many many other great mods out there, but this hopefully gives you a taste.

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