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Best (most fun) weapon combination? Nier: Automata

NieR Automata Weapons

I’m starting Nier: Automata over after a month or two of false starts. So far, I’ve tried spears, light swords, and heavy swords, and every combination of the two. But I can’t quite decide which is the best weapon combination; spears are fun, but are they effective? Likewise, how effective is two of the same weapon types paired together?

Best Weapons

Nier Automata Mods

For fun factor, I enjoyed:

  • Bare fists. 2B’s idle fighter’s stance is adorable and kick-ass at the same time.
  • Any large sword + bracer (Emil’s Head for looks). The movesets include one where 2B/A2 bat the bracer like a baseball with the blade.
  • Iron Pipe and Cypress Stick. If both are level 4, the criticals are massive, and Cypress Stick also changes the damage numbers to cartoony BAM, POW graphics.
  • Engine Blade, for the cool blue sprint/evade lighting effect.
  • For A2, Type-3 large and small swords, because she’s obsolete and more comfortable with weapons from her time in YoRHa.

But most of the time, I just went with the regular Virtuous blades for 2B and Cruel blades for A2. They just seem to be the most fitting choices, lore-wise. For 9S, I’d go with the Type-40 Lance or the Cypress Stick.

The only time I’d change weapon sets is from whatever I have as primary to a Lance in set B, which gives an additional ranged attack in some battles where that’s an advantage over getting close for melee. Of course, Pod attacks are best for ranged attacks, but sometimes enemies have anti-pod shields, so…

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