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Best Weapons in Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Weapons

My top 10 favorite Fallout 3 weapons (Including DLC, Excluding mods) are the following…

  1. The Rock-It Launcher [Renamed as the “Junk Jet” in Fallout 4.] It’s just a really fun and hilarious weapon, dismembering someone with a Nuka-Cola Truck or a Teddy bear always brightens up my humor.
  2. Railway Rifle
    I love the sounds of this gun, the looks of this gun, and the damage of this gun. Being able to impale decapitated heads onto walls and objects is a nice feature too.
  3. Microwave Emitter
    I just find it to be incredibly Over-Powered and is one of my first choice of weapons to pick if I want to quickly clear an area, grind enemies for XP, or just want to burn my enemies.
  4. Victory Rifle
    Just my personal choice of a long ranged weapon to allow me to quickly kill enemies from afar.
  5. Xuanlong Assault Rifle
    The most powerful assault rifle in the vanilla game, I always keep one in my inventory to get me out of sticky situations where no-other weapon would do the job quite as effectively as the Chinese Assault Rifle.
  6. Eugene
    Because I like miniguns.
  7. Experimental MIRV
    Because why the f*ck not?!!
  8. A3-21’s Plasma Rifle
    Nothing special, It’s just another type of Plasma weapon I like to use.
  9. Gauss Rifle
    Similar to the Sniper Rifle, except much more bigger, and powerful. But the lack of FOV it gives me makes it an un-appealing weapon for me.
  10. Blackhawk
    Just a small .44 that lays around in my inventory, only used when the other weapons are low on condition or low on ammo.

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