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Black Market – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Black Market

List of Corpses you can safely sell on Black Market aka which corpses you don’t have use for after initial research.

Note: Fixed some misspellings, formatting and added a bit of information which I falsely considered implied.

Note 2: Separated corpses into two groups, first that have no use apart from research and 2nd that are used in manufacture of whatevz.

Work in progress, please correct any errors if you spot em.

Not counting one corpse of each that you need for research (and of course it is recommended to wait until you accumulate enough for instant research if you can)

I will be listing values as X-Y, Y is for Legend difficulty, EDIT: adding number of corpses needed for instant research upon request, format will be Instant: (X/Y) where Y is for Legend.

Corpses only used for research – aka sell’em when you complete research:

  • ADVENT MEC: sell’em. (after 1 is used for research is implied, repeating just to make sure). Instant:4/7
  • ADVENT Officer: Sell them all Instant:10/20
  • ADVENT Shieldbearer: Sell the bastards. Instant:4/7
  • ADVENT Turret: Sell those babies after research is done. Instant:3/6
  • Andromedron: Sell those bastards. Instant:5/8
  • Archon: Sell. Instant:5/8
  • Muton: sell em all after research. Instant:6/9
  • Sectopod: Sell em after research. Instant:6/9

Corpses with uses other then research:

  • ADVENT Stun lancer: plan 2-3 per each Spider suit, sell the rest. Instant:6/9
  • ADVENT Trooper: These bastards have many uses, 2-4 for Hybrid Materials research and 6-12 for Predator Armor research, also 2-3 per Nanoscale Vest and 2-4 per EXO suit, plan how many you want and sell the rest. Instant:15/25
  • Chryssalid: 2 for each Hellweave vest- you know what to do with rest:). Instant:15/20
  • Berserker: 2 for Overdrive Serum if you don’t plan to use it – sell, if you are a serum chugger save em. Instant:6/9
  • Faceless: 2 per each mimic beacon that you want to make, rest can be sold. Instant:4/7
  • Gatekeeper: 1-2 per Alien Psi Amp. Instant:6/9
  • Sectoid: 1-2 for each mindshield and 2-3 for Advanced Psi Amp. Instant:6/10
  • Vipers: 2-3 for Medkit and 1-2 per NanoMedkit, sell the rest. Instant:5/8

TIP: You won’t be able to see if autopsy is available instantly if there’s another research in progress. So wait until current research finishes and then see what’s available for instant research. You may already have enough for instant autopsy but it won’t be displayed/available if there’s another research already in progress.

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