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Civilization 5 – Portugal Guide

Civilization 5 Portugal Guide

Maria I

Unique Ability: Mare Clausum

  • Resource diversity grants twice as much Gold for Portugal in trade routes. (BNW)

Start Bias

  • Coast

Unique Unit: Nau

  • Replaces: Caravel
  • Cost: 120 Production
  • Naval Melee Unit
  • Combat Strength: 20
  • Movement: 5
  • Upgrades to: Ironclad
  • Can sell exotic goods once. This provides gold and XP relative to the distance from your capital.

Unique Improvement: Feitoria

Can only be built in city state territory.


  • Lets you take a share of whatever resources your neighboring City States are producing, regardless of relationship. If the target is an ally, will receive two of each luxury. Pillaging this improvement constitutes an act of war.

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