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Combat Guide (9S) – Possible Attacks, Deflects, Animations and Tips – Nier Automata

Nier Automata 9s

Hey guys. So, I just finished Automata a few days ago and to cope with my post-game depression decided to go frolicking in the City Ruins put up together a guide featuring some of the combat mechanics in the game along with their animations for 9S.


Nier Automata Wandering Couple

Read before continuing

  • The vids were recorded on a standard PS4, using the default recording tool. Weapon effects are turned off for most of these so, combat won’t look as flashy as in the actual game.
  • Only System chips were equipped.
  • Not sure if this is a spoiler but before you watch any of these vids know that, I’m fighting VS a 2B training dummy in the Debug Room which you can unlock after completing Route C.

So, first of all, I decided to start with 9S because his mechanics are much simpler and they can help you understand how the overall combat basics work. 9S has hacking, can only use light attacks and lacks specials such as 2B’s charge or even this weird throw weapon thing. His possible attacks can be sorted into 6 different categories (which I have named myself, call them what you want really).

Combo Attack

Here’s how they work:

  1. Light Attack Combo (Spam Light Attack): This is the basic combo and the one listed on your weapon for light attacks. Pretty straightforward, just spam Light Attack but be sure to be quick about it or 9S will do the hold-down-button attack (finishing).
  2. Heavy Attack Combo (Light Attack, PAUSE or Evade, Light Attack, PAUSE or Evade, etc until combo ends) : Listed as heavy combo on your weapon since 9S can actually do heavy combos. This one you can do by either pressing Light Attack then a do a very quick pause and actually press nothing or, evade instead of pausing.
  3. According to the evade Heavy combo is possible because 9S has the Continuous Combo chip enabled by default.
  4. It’s worth noting that I couldn’t recreate this combo with evading for No Weapon equipped.
  5. Mid-air Combo (Jump, Light Attack to launch): Press Jump then quickly tap Light Attack to launch your target in the air. From there you can continue with the combo mid-air with your light attacks (number of hits depends on whether you swap weapon sets or not and your weapon level) then finish with a pin attack with Light Attack. If done perfectly, the pin will push the target further back.
  6. Finishing Move (Hold down Light Attack): Hold down Light Attack to throw your weapon. Can be done at any point but if done in-between combos, it will end your current combo.
  7. Sprinting Attack (Evade, Light Attack or just Light Attack if 9S is already running): 9S will run and throw his weapon towards the target. This one you can do while sprinting or by initiating sprinting and then using your light attack.
  8. Charge Attack – (While holding down Heavy Attack, Light Attack). Keep holding down Heavy Attack (hack) then use your Light Attack to do this modified charge move.

Vids of all of the above attacks with all the possible weapon combinations:

Light Attack Combo:

  1. Small Sword L
  2. Large Sword L
  3. Spear L
  4. Combat Bracers L
  5. No Weapon L

Heavy Attack Combo:

  1. Small Sword H
  2. Large Sword H
  3. Spear H
  4. Combat Bracers H
  5. No Weapon H

Mid-air Combo:

  1. Small Sword Midair
  2. Large Sword Mid
  3. Spear Mid
  4. Combat Bracers Mid
  5. No Weapon Mid

Finishing Move:

  1. Small Sword Fin
  2. Large Sword Fin
  3. Spear Fin
  4. Combat Bracers Fin
  5. No Weapon Fin (wat)

Sprinting Attack:

  1. Small Sword Sprint
  2. Large Sword Sprint
  3. Spear Sprint
  4. Combat Bracers Sprint
  5. No Weapon Sprint


  1. Small Sword Charge
  2. Large Sword Charge
  3. Spear Charge
  4. Combat Bracers Charge
  5. No Weapon Charge
  • No Weapon is Bare Fists and can be found in the Combat Bracers weapon category in-game. The animations were different than with other bracers equipped so I listed it separately.
  • The weapons used are all the 8 variations (4 each) of the Cruel and Virtuous weapons, fully upgraded with the longest possible combos for each weapon category.

On a side note, a few days ago I saw someone here talking about how 9S caught a Goliath’s foot when it tried to step on him and it made me think that there are different deflect animations depending on the enemy. There are enemies with special moves of course, but I didn’t find any special evades. As for the attack he was talking about, you can’t deflect it and the enemy will step on you anyway. It may still be possible with Counter though, since I didn’t check that.

In any case, I made recordings for all perfect evades including pod attacks because this game has taken over my life as a bonus.

Perfect Evade + Deflect – (Evade just before enemy atk to perfect evade, Light Attack / Fire / Pod Program)

I should mention that there are also counter attacks that can be done with the Counter chip but I do not have recordings of them at the moment. If people want, I can come and edit them in at a later point. Animation is the same regardless of weapon.

Closing notes

Nier Automata White Screen

It is very important that this is just for 9S. 2B has similar patterns but her light attacks work very differently. I suspect this is because of A2’s taunt since it’s bound on light attacks and their controls are basically the same. By the way, I’m already working on a similar guide for 2B and will hopefully post it sometime in the following weeks.

I understand that combat with 9S seems lackluster compared to 2B but, I still think you can do some interesting things with Nines. Or you can just blow up everything in vicinity with hacking.

If you have any questions, suggestions or think I missed something, please let me know. Have fun!

(Questionable vid quality. Might do youtube next time…)

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