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Perfect evade, Deflect and Counter Guide – Nier Automata

Nier Automata Counter

This is a short guide I’ve put together because I wanted a separate post for the evades etc to add to this series of N:A combat I’m working on. Here you will find recordings for the Evade, Deflect, and Counter moves that exist and how to do them on all characters. Just know that if you’ve already seen my 9S guide there won’t be anything new for him here except for Counter so you may as well skip the other part.

Important notes

  • Weapons used: All the Cruel and Virtuous weapons. No Weapon is Bare Fists and can be found in the Combat Bracers weapon list.
  • I have used vids of both 2B and A2 for this one since these moves are shared between the two.
  • No chips other than a few System chips and a Counter attack chip were equipped.
  • Before watching any of these vids know that, I will be fighting vs a 2B dummy in the Debug Room, which you can unlock after Route C.
  • The vids were recorded on a standard PS4, using the default recording tool.

Perfect evade (Evade just before enemy attack to perfect evade) – Evade just as enemy attack is about to land for a perfect evade. You will know you got this right from the special animation.

Deflect (Light attack / Heavy attack / Pod fire after Perfect Evade to deflect) – Immediately after perfect evade use either Light/Heavy attack or Pod Fire to do this special move. Worth noting that for 2B/A2 certain weapons will launch your target in the air, allowing for a midair combo.

Counter (Move towards an enemy with precise timing to counter) – You must have the Counter attack chip equipped for this to work. As an enemy is about to hit you, move towards them with perfect timing to counter them and damage them for a certain percentage of their attack (depends on chip equipped). Animation is the same for all weapons.

Vids of Perfect Evade + Deflect and Counter

For 2B/A2:

For 9S:

If there’s something you want to add or ask, let me know.

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