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[SPOILERS] Connection Between Fallout 4 and 3 (fan Theory)

Fallout 3 vs Fallout 4

Obviously you have beaten the game already or have not (hey you are going to spoil the story to your self) one of the twist in the game is shaun being an old man, but than I came to think…


now you probably think I am crazy but hear me out there is a lot of things point to this being true.

First things first ”the age”

  • based on the wiki your dad is 51 years old.
  • fallout 4 takes place exactly 10 years after the events of Fallout 3 he is 60 the ages match perfectly
  • obviously because the ages match up it couldn’t be the same person that makes no sense, Yea but there is someone that connects both characters and that’s Maddison Lee.
  • Dr.Lee is born with the people you help in the capital wasteland of Fallout 3 in Fallout 4 we find out she left all that behind to work at the institute and obviously she is a important character in both games.
  • Shaun, James (dads name in fallout 3) I know what you are thinking “different names” but when they abducted him they could have easily changed hes name.
  • Shaun says he never left the institute at all and that he hates the wasteland but James has been known to lie so what makes you think he is not going to lie again?
  • We know 10 years has past in between fallout 3 and 4 and we never exactly know what happens to lone wanderer, in the original fallout 3 he dies and obviously if your son dies somewhere you gonna hate that place so that could also be the reason why he hates the wasteland.
  • James dies in fallout 3 and oke this is where the theory is put to rest, actually no remember this is a world where ghouls and the children of atom exist and I understand allot of radiation can kill someone but what if he somehow managed to survive and that may also be explaining why he is dying in fallout 4 he got cancer cause of long exposure to radiation.

this is a perfect explanation

so in perfect sense you are playing your own grandpa in fallout 4

here is a summary

2077 Great War Shaun is put into cryosleep in Vault 111 with his parents, one of which will be the Sole Survivor.

2227 Shaun is abducted and taken to Institute. Shaun is likely given a new name, more than likely James

2229 The Institute manages to use Shaun’s DNA to create synths. The events of Broken Mask occur in Diamond City proving that synths exist at this point in time.

2229-2258 James (Shaun) grows up in the Institute and becomes a scientist. At some point he leaves and meets up with Madison Li, and develops project Purity. He also meets Catherine and falls in love. It is unclear whether or not he is still working for the Institute

2258 The Lone Wanderer is born, and Catherine dies due to complications at birth. James then takes his child (the Lone Wanderer), and talks his way into Vault 101. The Overseer lets him in, even though it is claimed that the Vault has never been opened.

2277 James escapes Vault 101 and the Lone Wanderer goes off on a journey to find him. He manages to, discovering that his dad and the Wanderer themselves were not born in Vault 101. James says he is working on Project Purity, and the Enclave are after him. Madison Li is also present. James get himself “killed” after Colonel Autumn of the Enclave makes him test Project Purity. Colonel Autumn.

2277-2287 He is where the Theory really comes in.

Seeing as how Rad X exists and Children of Atom are a real group of people. James could have survived the ordeal, but with radiation poisoning. He manages to escape, but finds out that his own child either fell victim to Death by Project Purity (retconned by Broken Steel) joins the Brotherhood of Steel, or the Enclave (evil ending). Either one of these could of lead to him possibly disowning his son, or at the very least develop a hatred of the wasteland. Feeling defeated he could have head back to the Institute, and lead it with a sense of hate and disgust for the wasteland. He takes the name Father.

He finds out he has developed cancer due to the radiation poisoning. Trying to find a successor to the Institute that he essentially helped build since his birth, thanks to his hard work and DNA used for the Synths. He decides to unfreeze his surviving parent to test them to see if they are worthy.

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