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Culture Bomb – Explanation

Civilization 6 Culture Bomb

Why is it a good thing?

Culture Bomb

In Civ6 you can use a Culture Bomb to claim adjacent tiles into your territory, even if they belong to another civ.

There are lots of benefits to claiming these tiles. They might bring some luxury, bonus or strategic resources inside your territory. They might just give you more space to build districts. I’ve found Culture Bomb particularly useful when opponent civs settle their cities really close to mine. I culture bomb some of their territory and build an encampment within range of their city center.

The last game I played I was able to culture bomb by building a holy site. So I strategically placed holy sites to claim its adjacent tiles from opponent civs.

Important info:

  • Culture bomb will only claim immediately adjacent tiles – so up to 6 tiles.
  • Culture bomb can only claim tiles that are within 3 tiles away from your city center – so only tiles that will be workable within the city.
  • Culture bomb cannot claim tiles that have a district, world wonder or natural wonder.
  • Culture bomb cannot claim tiles that are adjacent to a city center.
  • If you try to culture bomb tiles that aren’t allowed, it will allow you to try and waste the culture bomb. For example, if you have the ability to culture bomb when placing a holy site and you try to culture bomb a wonder from another civ, the holy site will still be built but the wonder will not be claimed into your territory.

Culture bombs are really useful and fun to use! I love when I have the ability to do them.

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