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Best and Worst Dark Events? XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Dark Events

Dark Events are fun. Gotta love ’em. Seriously though, I actually like them, they add a lot more consequence to the game. Anyway, what do you think are the most and least significant Dark Events? Obviously, choosing to delay the Avatar Project takes precedence over increased Rookie cost, but what are your thoughts?

Best and Worst Events

Halved Supply Drop hurts at basically every stage of the game, and was usually the one I tried to avoid the most. Sort of interesting is that the Intel/Rookie cost ones don’t kick in immediately, meaning you can mitigate it some by picking up a few rookies ahead of time or spending that Intel (even if you can’t dedicate time to unlock a region).

Kinda bad:

  • Adding faceless/chryssalids to maps. I sniped that chryssalid one immediately (and took the 50% supply drop hit), but that’s way more than I’d want to deal with. Extra faceless was annoying, but not as dangerous.

Almost irrelevant:

  • Advent +1 armor – With as much shredding you have available, once you’re into magnetic weapons this is really no big deal and I felt like it had no impact.
  • +1 avatar progress – You have so many opportunities of removing avatar progress I always counted it as the freebie.
  • UFO hunt is used by most people to farm XP. This could probably be spiced by causing you to have to spend supplies to repair the avenger, or having some other drawback to being intercepted.

I can’t even think of any others, though I feel like there was one other rough one I tried to avoid.

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