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Civilization 6 England

Civilization 6 – England Guide.

Unique Ability

British Museum (Vanilla, R&F)

  • Each Archaeological Museum can support two Archaeologists at once
  • Each Archaeological Museum holds six Artifacts instead of three
  • Archaeological Museums are automatically themed when they have six Artifacts

Workshop of the World (GS)

  • Iron and Coal mines accumulate +1 more resource per turn
  • +100% Production towards Military Engineers
  • Military Engineers receive +2 charges
  • Buildings that provide additional yields when Powered receive +2 of their respective yields

Unique Unit

Sea Dog

  • Unit type: Naval Raider
  • Requires: Mercantilism civic
  • Replaces: Privateer
  • Required resource: none
  • 280 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 4 Gold Maintenance
  • 40 Combat Strength
  • 50 Ranged Strength
  • 2 Range
  • 4 Movement
  • Can capture enemy ships
  • Cannot be seen except by units adjacent to it

Unique Infrastructure

Royal Navy Dockyard

  • Infrastructure type: District
  • Requires: Celestial Navigation tech
  • Replaces: Harbor
  • Halved Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • +1 Gold from every 2 adjacent district tiles
  • +1 Gold from each adjacent coastal resource tile
  • +2 Gold from each adjacent City Center tile
  • +2 Gold when built on by city in a foreign continent
  • +2 Great Admiral points per turn
  • +1 Movement for all naval units built in the Dockyard
  • +1 Science and +2 Gold per Citizen working in the district
  • (Vanilla) Provides an extra Trade Route capacity regardless of an existing Commercial Hub district
  • (R&F, GS) +4 Loyalty when built by a city in a foreign continent
  • Cannot be built on a reef

Leader: Victoria

Leader Ability

Pax Britannica

  • (Vanilla, R&F) All cities founded on a foreign continent receive a free melee unit
  • (Vanilla, R&F) Constructing a Royal Navy Dockyard on a city on a foreign continent receive an additional melee unit
  • (GS) The first city founded on each foreign continent receives a free melee unit and +1 Trade Route capacity
  • (GS) Constructing a Royal Navy Dockyard grants a free naval unit in that city

Leader Unique Unit


  • Unit type: Melee
  • Requires: Military Science tech
  • Replaces: none
  • Required resource: 20 Niter (GS)
  • 340 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 5 Gold Maintenance
  • 65 Combat Strength
    • +10 Combat Strength when fighting on a foreign continent

  • 2 Movement
  • No disembark cost


Sun Never Sets

  • Will try to expand to every continent
  • Likes civilizations from her home continent
  • Dislikes civilizations on continents where England has no city on

Leader: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Leader Ability

Court of Love

  • Each Great Work in a city causes foreign cities within 9 tiles to lose 1 loyalty per turn
  • Foreign cities immediately join Eleanor’s civilization if:
    • The city leaves their civilization due to loyalty, and

    • The city is receiving the most loyalty pressure from Eleanor


Angevin Empire

  • Tries to have a high Population in her cities
  • Likes civilizations with a high Population in nearby cities
  • Dislikes civilizations with a low Population in nearby cities

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