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Fallout New Vegas vs Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas vs Fallout 3

I don’t want to start a war they are both great games…… but anyway I started playing fallout When I was younger played 3 but the copy I had was scratched so once I left megaton it would time out so one day my cousin lets me borrow New Vegas and I absolutely love it! I collect everything and do every single thing possible go out my way and sell a couple games to get the ultimate edition do everything DLC and all and then when I’m done I’m lost and so I go to Fallout 3 and I love it and I put 100s of hours in both games.

SO. I say in my mind the choice would fallout 3 but in my heart it would be fallout new Vegas just was wondering other people’s thoughts on the subject.

Fallout New Vegas vs Fallout 3 Comparison

Fallout: New Vegas wins, for me. It’s not even a contest:

  • Unique companions with very unique personalities, goals, motivations, backgrounds. Fawkes is the only companion I remember from Fallout 3, probably because he is shoehorned into the party.
  • More weapons, armor, items, and better balanced.
  • Many more quests which have better writing to boot.
  • Greater use of skill checks, and in my opinion much more logical, albeit still not perfect.
  • Rebalanced skill and attribute system. 1 Perk every 2 levels. Could have been every 3 levels, like in the classic, but eh.
  • Reputation system.
  • Ammo crafting, survival crafting, weapon modding.
  • Four factions to choose from, all very interesting ones and which pose a good moral dilemma for me.
  • Many memorable NPCs, from the major ones (House, Caesar, Benny) to the small ones (Fantastic, James Garret) to the minuscule ones (Oliver Swanick).
  • Deleveled world, for the most part. Deathclaws and Cazadores are lethal and they are just around the corner.
  • More emphasis on questing than on combat.
  • A better radio host with a more pleasant voice, personality, and who doesn’t judge you without getting his facts straight.
  • Ending slides as opposed to “play forever and fuck the consequences”. I finished Arcanum not long ago and it’s great to see how doing “the right thing” was actually a bad decision to make.
  • THE DLC!!!!

The sole aspects that makes Fallout 3 stand out for me are:

  • Can take some pretty screenshots in the destroyed and dying landscapes.
  • The Ink Spots on the radio.

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