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Civilization 6 France

Civilization 6 – France Guide.

Unique Ability

Grand Tour

  • +20% Production towards Medieval, Renaissance and Industrial Wonders
  • Tourism output is doubled from World Wonders of any era

Unique Unit

Garde Impériale

  • Unit type: Melee
  • Requires: Military Science tech
  • Replaces: none
  • Required resource: 20 Niter (GS)
  • 340 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 5 Gold Maintenance
  • 65 Combat Strength
    • +10 Combat Strength when fighting on the capital’s continent

    • +10 Combat Strength against anti-cavalry units

  • 2 Movement
  • Gain Great General points for killing units

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: Improvement
  • Requires: Humanism civic
  • +2 Culture
  • (Vanilla, R&F) +2 Culture if adjacent to a World Wonder
  • (Vanilla, R&F) +1 Gold if adjacent to a Luxury resource
  • (GS) +1 Culture for each adjacent World Wonder
  • (GS) +1 Gold for each adjacent Luxury resource
  • +1 Appeal to adjacent tiles
  • Must be built adjacent to a river

Leader: Catherine de Medici

Leader Ability

Catherine’s Flying Squadron

  • Has one extra level of Diplomatic Visibility with every civilization she’s met
  • Receive a free Spy and one extra Spy capacity upon researching Castles tech
  • All Spies start with a free promotion


Black Queen

  • Tries to train as many Spies and establish as much Diplomatic Visibility as possible
  • Likes civilizations who does the same
  • Dislikes civilizations who neglect espionage

Leader: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Leader Ability

Court of Love

  • Each Great Work in a city causes foreign cities within 9 tiles to lose 1 loyalty per turn
  • Foreign cities immediately join Eleanor’s civilization if:
    • The city leaves their civilization due to loyalty, and

    • The city is receiving the most loyalty pressure from Eleanor


Angevin Empire

  • Tries to have a high Population in her cities
  • Likes civilizations with a high Population in nearby cities
  • Dislikes civilizations with a low Population in nearby cities

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