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God Mode Build: Infinite Ammo, No Reload, Never Die – Perfect for NG+ on Insanity

Mass Effect Andromeda God Mode Build

Ever wonder how Alec Ryder was mowing down enemies so quickly on insanity at the beginning of the game?

It’s probably because he was using this build.

This build utilizes the bio converter gun augment along with the Life Support passive from the tech skill tree to give you insanely high and consistent DPS. Along with the saving barrier passive and biotic charge’s shield restoration, you’re basically an invincible murdering machine.

On Insanity it felt like I was playing on the Narrative difficulty given how fast enemies died.

My loadout is as follows:

God Mode Build

Mass Effect Andromeda Builds

Profile: Explorer

Main Skills Active Skills:

Incinerate: Burning -> Impact -> Double Incinerate

Turbocharge: Duration -> Damage & Force -> Supercharge

Charge: Damage & Force -> Weapons & Melee -> Shock Trooper

Main Passive Skills:

Barrier: Unyielding Barrier -> Biotic Alacrity -> Saving Barrier

Team Support: Support -> Team Recovery -> Life Support


Dhan shotgun

  • Kinetic coil x4

  • Bio Converter

Black Widow sniper

  • Kinetic coil x4

  • Bio Converter


Helius Icon Helmet

N7 legs, arms, and chest

  • All augments are Tech +2% Tech recharge speed

  • Fusion Mod of Shielding on chest

Other Skills:

For my other skills I prioritize passives that increase weapon damage, increase maximum shields and reduce cooldowns.


Cora with Defensive Training Rank 6 Barrier Projection passive and Shield Boost active Peebee with Survivalist Rank 5 Barrier Reinforcement passive

How to Play

Mass Effect Andromeda Level Cap

With this build you’ll never need a health station or ammo station because your pathfinder is now entirely self-sustainable.

Need health? Cast a random tech skill Need shields? Charge at something, or wait for it to refresh. Need ammo? You don’t because Bio Converter does not drain ammo from your ammo supply

You want to cast your tech skill when your gun’s clip is at its maximum. This will maximize the heal from Life Support because if you take any damage during the health regeneration, it will stop.

I find that with the 4 rounds in the clip on a black widow, you can fire off two clips (8 rounds) then use a tech skill to restore to full health without it canceling the regen.

As for ability usage, I personally picked the passives that increase damage after using a tech power or biotic power. So what i usually do is throw an incinerate, charge in for a fire combo and blast away indefinitely with the Dhan shotgun.

Picking Offensive Tech’s Rank 6 passive Technical Round gives you +30% weapon damage after using a tech ability Picking Charge’s Rank 5 passive Weapons & Melee gives you +15% weapon damage after charging. Picking Turbocharge’s Rank 5 passive gives you +15% weapon damage after charging.

This results in an extra +60%(or greater than +120% for headshots) extra weapon damage on top of the fire combo and +20% fire rate from Turbocharge’s active.

For survivability, I have nearly 700 shields at level 52 and using charge gives me back 100% of my shields even while using Shock Trooper while also being on a 1.5 second cooldown. On top of that you also have Saving Barrier which replenishes all of your shields if your health falls too low. With all these low cooldowns and safety nets, you’re basically unkillable. (Aside from the one shot kill moves that certain enemies have).

Skip to 2:57 for insanity gameplay.

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