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Mass Effect – Must have mods

Mass Effect Mods

Hey guys, I was thinking of doing another playthrough of the series and I was curious. What are the must have mods for a better experience for each game. Are there any massive graphics overhaul mods? Anything for new weapons or armor? I apologize if this has been posted before but will appreciate any answers!

Best Mods

This is a basic enough modlist, made to improve, restore and fix what’s already there, not to add radically new features. I like my games close to vanilla, but more and better wherever possible.

FOR Mass Effect 1:

FOR Mass Effect 2:

FOR Mass Effect 3:

  • ALOT – high-res textures

IMPORTANT: ALOT for ME3 will ask you to download additional textures by other creators, which are not included because of permission reasons. The ALOT installer will guide you through this.

FOR Mass Effect Andromeda:

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