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Civilization 6 Netherlands

Civilization 6 – Netherlands Guide.

Unique Ability

Grote Rivieren

  • Rivers provide a +2 adjacency bonus to Campus, Industrial Zone, and Theater Square districts
  • Building a Harbor district claims adjacent tiles (culture bomb)

Unique Unit

De Zeven Provinciën

  • Unit type: Ranged Naval
  • Requires: Square Rigging tech
  • Replaces: Frigate
  • Does not require resources
  • 280 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • 5 Gold Maintenance
  • 50 Combat Strength
  • 60 Ranged Strength
  • 2 Range
  • 4 Movement
  • +7 Bonus Strength when attacking defensible districts

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: Improvement
  • Requires: Guilds civic
  • +1 Food
  • +1 Food for every adjacent Polder
  • +2 Food for every adjacent Polder upon researching Replaceable Parts tech
  • +1 Production
  • +1 Production for every adjacent Polder upon researching Replaceable Parts tech
  • +4 Gold upon researching Civil Engineering civic
  • +0.5 Housing
  • Increases Movement cost of tile to 3
  • Must be built on a lake or coastal tile adjacent to three land tiles

Leader: Wilhelmina

Leader Ability

Radio Oranje

  • Sending Trade Routes to your own cities provide +1 Loyalty per turn for the starting city
  • Gain +1 Culture for each Trade Route sent to or received from foreign cities



  • Likes civilizations who send Trade Routes to her cities
  • Dislikes civilizations who do not send Trade routes to her cities

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