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Nier: Automata Recommended Mods for Smooth and Beautiful Gameplay

Nier Automata Mods

Hey everyone! Since Nier is on sale for 50% off at the moment, I figured that many people may be getting the game who are unaware of the amazing patches the community has developed to fix some of the technical issues the port to PC had.

Download these two mods and you’ll be set:

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) – To install, go to latest stable release and download SKIM.64exe and select FAR from the dropdown menu. Click install, and SKIM will install and inject the mod into your game. You’ll know it’s worked when you open your game, and you have an overlay at the top telling you that FAR is running and what version. (Overlay goes away basically at the title screen, won’t be there all the time). The overlay has the prompts for how to get into the settings menu which will allow you to further customize your graphical experience, unlock framerates, etc.

Texture Pack V. 0.43 – This improves all the textures across the game. There are two ways to install, automatically (if you already have FAR installed) or manually (which is just as easy, just follow the instructions here for where to put the extracted files. This mod requires FAR be installed in order to function properly.

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