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Civilization 6 Ottomans

Civilization 6 – Ottomans Guide.

Unique Ability

Great Turkish Bombard

  • +50% Production towards Siege units
  • +5 Combat Strength to Siege units when attacking defensible districts
  • Conquering a city does not cause Population loss
  • +1 Amenity and +4 Loyalty per turn for cities not founded by the Ottomans

Unique Unit

Barbary Corsair

  • Unit type: Naval Raider
  • Requires: Medieval Faires civic
  • Replaces: Privateer
  • 240 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • Required resource: none
  • 3 Gold Maintenance
  • 40 Combat Strength
  • 50 Ranged Strength
  • 2 Range
  • 4 Movement
  • Uses no Movement to perform coastal raids
  • Invisible except to City Centers, Encampments, Destroyers and units adjacent to it

Unique Infrastructure

Grand Bazaar

  • Infrastructure type: Building
  • Requires: Banking tech
  • Replaces: Bank
  • 220 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • +5 Gold
  • +1 Citizen slot
  • +1 Great Merchant point per turn
  • Accumulate one extra strategic resource for every different type of strategic resource the city has improved
  • +1 Amenity for every luxury resource this city has improved

Leader: Suleiman the Magnificent

Leader Ability

Grand Vizier

  • Gain a Unique Governor, Ibrahim the Grand Vizier
  • Begins with the title, Pasha
  • +20% Production to all military units in the city
  • Can be established on a foreign Capital
  • May receive additional promotions:
  • Head Falconer
  • +5 Combat Strength to all friendly units within the city’s territory
  • Serasker
  • +10 Combat Strength when attacking defensible districts to all units within 10 tiles of the City Center
  • Khass-Oda-Bashi
  • Requires Head Falconer title
  • When established in an allied foreign capital, Alliance leveling rate increases with that civ
  • Capou Agha
  • Requires Serasker title
  • When established in a foreign Capital, -1 Grievance against you per turn with that civ
  • Grand Vizier
  • Requires Khass-Oda-Bashi or Capou Agha title
  • When established in a foreign Capital, none of the owner’s cities exert loyalty pressure on your cities

Leader Unique Unit


  • Unit type: Melee
  • Requires: Gunpowder tech
  • Replaces: Musketman
  • 120 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • Required resource: 20 Niter
  • 4 Gold Maintenance
  • 60 Combat Strength
  • +10 Combat Strength against anti-cavalry units
  • 2 Movement
  • Starts with a free promotion
  • Can only be trained in a city with at least 2 Population
  • -1 Population if trained in a city founded by the Ottomans



  • Attempts to keep cities with high loyalty and Amenities
  • Likes civilizations who have high loyalty, Amenities, and conquered cities
  • Dislikes civilizations who have little loyalty, Amenities, and conquered cities

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