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Civ 6 power rankings/best civs

Civilization 6 Tech Tree

I’ve seen a few rankings for Civ 6, but most are older and don’t take into account new civs (Poland or Australia), or some of the more recent updates. I was wondering what civ’s people think are strongest.

Best Civs

Civilization 6 Tier List

This is my own list based on 620 hours of play on Deity.


Starting unit is insane. If other civs are close this is the best early game civ. Rushing Districts is extremely powerful. The luxury attack bonus is ridiculous. 6 cities per amenity is very powerful. Best civ overall by far in my opinion. Even the second civ is way behind Aztec. It’s like a business class civ.


My number two civ. The combat ability is very powerful. Light cavalry bonus is very good. You should beeline to light cavalry units and have your wars as soon as you discover them. Very good civ overall. Its only drawback is that it has nothing to help with low-production starts. In those games it may be very hard to reach high enough tech level to make a light cavalry unit that matters.


Cities starting with monuments makes early game significantly easier. Legion is very good. Bath is good. This civ doesn’t have game-breaking mechanics into the late game but it starts so strong that it will usually be ahead by then. This is very close to Scythia.


Didn’t play this enough but it just plays like a business class civ. From first impression it feels very close to Rome and Scythia. This may very well be the second strongest civ.


Military Policy is good beginning from early game but this civ is still very weak when the game starts. Hansa makes up for it, because you can finish them quickly and with very nice bonuses and along with the extra districts, this civ becomes a powerhouse as soon as Hansa’s start finishing. It still isn’t very close to the other civs, because for early game it has only the Military Policy bonus. The City-State thing can also be used from time to time, but most of the time it is better to leave the city-state alone.


This civ is very resilient. Tundra bonus can let you expand with a lot more options. Extra tiles at start makes low-gold games significantly easier. And the trade route bonus is very good when you are behind. Its unit is very good and you should beeline to it. It is an underrated civ because it doesn’t shine when things are good but it still gives you a very good chance to win when things are bad, so its strength is a bit hard to distinguish. This is very close to Germany.

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