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Religion Guide: Belief Tier Lists and Religion Builds

Civilization 6 Best Religion Beliefs

I want to help people understand what beliefs work well with each other and change their perspective on how religion should be used in Civilization 6. The religion builds and tier lists are of my own design and reflect my opinion. I will show you what religions and beliefs are most effective at reaching the true religion victory and others that will augment any style of play. I believe my religion guide will be relevant at the highest level of play and should appeal to both Deity and Multiplayers.

I primarily play Civ in a competitive multiplayer environment, The Civilization Players League.

Religion Guide

Hi everyone, I made this guide because I want people to make better choices when creating a religion and I want more people to consider as a useful component to their overall strategy.

The main topics of this guide are the tiers list where I cover the useful Pantheons and Beliefs. I mention the level of religious investment required to really benefit from these choices. I also created some religion builds show the diversity of religion.

Pantheon Tier List

Pantheons allow players to choose a perk which will help them throughout the game. Most players get one, so it’s important to know what works.


  • God Of The Forge is very, very strong in that it functions well without religion and saves you crucial turns in the early game.
  • These two pantheons are amazing because they function well even without a focus on religion. God of the Open Sky should be useful very early into the game. Divine Spark will have you beat everyone to all relevant great people if used well.
  • The above perks are great. Oral Tradition gives you pretty good odds of earning an expensive stat. Desert Folklore and it’s similar Tundra and Rainforest pantheons can earn large amounts of faith. Stone circles also generates a lot of faith. If I can get +4 Faith a turn from 1 of these two I’ll take it.


  • All the pantheon perks above are reliable but not really that useful. In any game I’d expect some of these bottom tier to be relevant. Pantheons not mentioned are more situational than reliable. (+1 Fishing Boats). The ones I listed immediately above are always reliable.
  • Please think about this tier list in terms of what helps all players. For the religious player, Faith Generation Pantheons are amazing. For the average player an extra 2 or 3 culture, Great Person Points and Production saved are great.

Core Belief Tier List

Civilization 6 Religion

The core beliefs are chosen when found a religion. Some are better than others and benefit different player.


  • Jesuit Education is the coolest core belief because it gives faith a lot of utility. The ratio of faith to production is awesome and saves a ton of gold. With 3 holy districts you will be able to purchase all science buildings in every campus district.
  • Zen Meditation is good even without investing into religion which it makes it top tier. Feed The World is great on 2-3 Holy Districts and grows your cities VERY fast. Religious Community is great on 2-3 Districts and helps your cities grow. Religious Community is more responsible than Feed The World and will likely give you enough population to construct an additional district.
  • Divine Inspiration is situational but still valuable. If you manage to get a +8 Faith off this I would take it.


  • The remaining core beliefs not shown suck. Work Ethic isn’t good. For each follower you have you gain 1%. It was very easy to build tall in Civ 5 which made this belief good, but in Civ 6 you’ll likely see a +3 production in the best possible scenario.
  • Zen Meditation is the best choice for the average player and is super reliable. The other choices really excel when there’s at least 2-3 holy sites in your empire or if you’re planning on getting the Reformed Church Government.

Belief Tier List

You can choose 1 belief when you found a religion and 2 more through reforms.


  • DoF & Crusade are powerful. 10 Combat Strength in the Ancient Era is nearly uncounterable in most circumstances. DoF is way more reliable and should make any home war a win. Crusade isn’t as reliable or discreet but is still very powerful.
  • Scripture and Mosque, especially in combination, will give you the best possible chance at a Religious Victory. If you want to win with religion fast, you NEED to take these. Papal Primacy is great for any player and works independent of faith economy and victory goals.
  • Church Property is reliable and gives immediate results. Pilgrimage is best for generating a faith economy and can quickly add up on a nonreligious neighbor Holy Order is ok but not as good as Scripture when it comes to spreading religion. The remaining faith buildings are all good and best bought as early as possible. Science, Housing, and Production are expensive and important stats that can benefit players in a variety of scenarios.


  • DoF and Crusade are top tier because the most powerful stat in the game is military strength. Scripture and Mosque greatly increase your odds at a true religion victory. Papal Primacy leads the pack among beliefs useful for non Religion Victory Players. Religious buildings are good and allows flexibility with your empire’s needs.
  • The best possible tier is good independent of religious victory. Most of the beliefs are useful for players not choosing a religious victory. Beliefs really allow religions to make up for crucial resources you empire lacks.

Top Religion Builds

Huge Defensive Bonuses – Small Investment

  • Easy to get religion with amazing combat bonuses. This build requires no faith economy to be effective, meaning you only need 1 holy district. This is a good religion for starting players and those who aren’t seeking a religion victory. This religion will make you able to handle any military situation at any point in the game, but that’s it.

Blue Dream Build – Religion Victory

  • The best religion for scaling into the late game. Divine Spark will likely guarantee you the first religion. This build will flourish with enough investment into a faith economy. Amazing on Japan or Russia and will allow easy defense of land. If you have 2-3 Holy Districts with buildings, you will have enough faith to one buy a university in every city.
  • With Scripture you’re effectively putting the games victory for you on a timer. The only defense against this is another player with an advanced faith economy who is actively fighting your faith. Mosques in the early quickly return their investment in faith passively earned and saved from creating holy units.
  • Pilgrimage can quickly add up against unexpected players. Papal Primacy will nearly double the resources city states give you, meaning extra science and faith if you’re lucky. Tithe is meh but will add up. These Reforms should help you boost your religious economy.

Pure Faith Economy – Consistent Utility

Did you Know?

With a Reformed Church Government you will be able to purchase military units with your faith economy.

  • This is a situational Religion that I only use if I can get +4 faith a turn off a pantheon belief.
  • Good Faith per turn and Jesuit Education work. Religious Community Housing shouldn’t be underestimated because it basically gives you another district slot.
  • Religious buildings quickly pay themselves back and earn more faith over time. Choose the best for you.
  • Reforms are optional but both choices give a single missionary great value.

Did you Know?

The Civilization Player League has a great multiplayer environment and helps you understand the game.

Warmonger’s Crusade – Small Investment

  • A “fun” build with a small investment and useful for warmongers. Choose any faith generation pantheon and any Core Belief, I put Zen Mediation here because the happiness will be more useful it you’re successful in your conquests.
  • I pick Papal or Meeting House because they’re both useful to a warmonger. The potential to produce more military and infrastructure or receive extra gold, faith, production from city’s states is useful.
  • When you choose to finally reform you faith, pick crusade, The perks to waiting before choosing crusade is that is fools everyone into thinking you’re peaceful and makes for a better sneak attack.

Closing Thoughts – These Builds are Concepts

Civilization 6 Religion

Hi everyone. Thanks for making it this far. I’m making this guide because I want to help the people who are new the multiplayer league I play in. My goal is to help the community play at a higher level in multiplayer and I think information on an area of the game that is considered trash would be useful for all Civilization Player.

These strategies are concepts. I’m trying to break the religion game down by the type of people who use it. Which I found to be 2 types of people, people seeking a religion victory and those augmenting their play.

The religion victory needs specific beliefs to work way more effectively.

The religion victory also requires a developed faith economy.

The religion victory will likely require some form of military backup.

If you’re going to augment your play you will benefit from the variety of choices religion offers.

If you’re trying to enhance your overall game you will likely not need more than 2 Holy Districts. Lastly, thanks for reading and have a good day.

This guide was designed for use in the Civilization Player League but all opinions and strategies are my own.

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