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Enigmatic Fortress Event Chain and Rewards – Stellaris

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress

Event Chain Spoilers:

I had to use a 16k fleet to attack it but I barely made it out with only my battleships surviving. After you destroy it it gives you an option to use a transport fleet or a science vessel for the start of the event chain. After I used a transport ship it reached part 2 of the chain after destroying the ship (so don’t use a big army).

Then your research team comes across a puzzle. Rearrange the toruses on the metal pole to get to the next event, the other options kill them and reactivates the fortress

Next you’ll get a bunch of events. The quickest way to do this is to have a skill 5 scientist do the Black Hole Research which will give you the rewards. If you don’t have one, then you’ll need to do the Home System Research. Using Force destroys the station and all units in the system, turning the other planets into tomb worlds

If you have to do the Home System Research then you’ll have an event where you can watch the creation of the fortress. If you watch the beginning or the end you won’t get any rewards and the fortress will re-power. Watching the middle gives the same rewards as the Black Hole Research and allows your team to stop the fortress from turning on again. (the fortress still disappears)

All of the rewards are the same

TL;DR lots of physics research


Enigmatic Deflector

S: Shield Hit Points: +150
Shield Regeneration: +4.6
M: Shield Hit Points: + 300
Shield Regeneration: +6.6
L: Shield Hit Points: +600
Shield Regeneration: +8.6

Enigmatic Power Core

S: Power Generation: 35
M: Power Generation: 70
L: Power Generation: 140

Enigmatic Encoder

A: Chance to Evade: +6

Enigmatic Decoder

A: Tracking +3
Chance to Hit: +3

Enigmatic Disruption Field

C: Monthly Shield Regeneration: -10%
Fire Rate: -20%

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