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Can I know Limbo’s all options and rewards? Stellaris

Stellaris Limbo

I searched hundreds of times to find out, but I could not find a definitive answer. I want to know all options and rewards of Limbo.


Stellaris DLC

You get different choices depending on the level of robot tech you have.

I have done it a few times I’ll outline what I’ve observed.

On getting the event you get three options

1) Let dead aliens lie – Gives Engineering research

2) Upload their neural data – Engineering research but less than option 1. When you later get in contact with a Xenophile fallen empire they may ask for it and you can hand it over for a relation boost. Also if you later meet the requirements for option 3 then another event will fire related to that option.

3) Upload them to Robots – This requires at least the robots tech and has a different outcome based on whether you have Robots tech or Droids tech. When you select this you get another set of options.

3A) Robots tech – I am unsure if this option has a positive and a negative outcome as I have only seen it fail. The robots don’t display any sentience and you get a new set of three options;

  • Option 1 – Settle them on your worlds. (You get 1 Robot pop on a random owned world)

  • Option 2 – Exile them from your empire. (Never chosen this so don’t know the outcome)

  • Option 3 – Disassemble them for minerals.

3B) Droids tech – Like the previous robot option, I am unsure if this has a positive and a negative outcome as I have only ever had it succeed. The Droids display sentience and thank you for reviving their species and you get a new set of three options

  • Option 1 – Allow them to join your Empire and colonise a planet in your space. (You will get a randomly chosen world within your borders colonised with 3 droid pops regardless of habitability)

  • Option 2 – Exile them from your Empire.

  • Option 3 – Dissemble them for minerals.

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