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Civilization 6 Sumeria

Civilization 6 – Sumeria Guide.

Unique Ability

Epic Quest

  • Capturing a barbarian outpost also provides a tribal village reward
  • Can levy City-State military at 50% of the usual Gold cost

Unique Unit

War Cart

  • Unit type: Heavy Cavalry
  • Requires: none
  • Replaces: none
  • Does not require resources
  • 55 Production cost (Standard Speed)
  • No Gold Maintenance
  • 30 Combat Strength
    • No combat penalties against anti-cavalry units

  • 3 Movement

    • +1 Movement if starting on open terrain

  • Ignores enemy Zone of Control

Unique Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure type: Improvement
  • Requires: none
  • +2 Science
  • +1 Culture if next to a river
  • +1 Culture upon researching Natural History civic
  • Cannot be built on Hills

Leader: Gilgamesh

Leader Ability

Adventures with Enkidu

  • Can declare war to civilizations at war with their allies without incurring warmonger penalties
  • Fighting a joint war shares pillage rewards and combat experience to the closest allied unit within 5 tiles
  • (R&F) Earn Alliance Points per turn for being at war with a common foe


Ally of Enkidu

  • Can accept Declarations of Friendship on neutral relationships
  • Likes civilizations who are willing to form long-term alliances
  • Dislikes civilizations who are denounce or attack their friends

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