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MEA: Remnant Super Trooper Build


We traversed dark space, discovered tech that is able to terraform an entire cluster — at least! Hell yes I’m going to slap around some kett with it! Remtech OP, ya herd!

I, for one, enjoyed ME1 soldier, and this game in a way brings it back with weapon and armor customization. The glory days of the wacky poison and warp ammo was so much fun, and andromeda seems to be somewhat bringing it back. I feel the solider profile right now, though there is always room for improvement, is on the right track. Again, there is more that can be done to move the train forward! Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading and/or playing with this build. I have had so much fun with this build that I thought I should share!

To begin, this is my take on a very common build theme, but I think it provides the user a bit more to do than merely buff weapon dmg and hold the trigger. Hopefully, this build can provide some thought to a class that is understood as dull by finding fun in a common theme and perhaps an underutilized part of the game.

Soldier Build

Mass Effect Andromeda God Mode Build


Supreme Soldier provides the best gun benefits adding 20% damage, 35% accuracy, and 35% clip size. It also provides 12 damage resist and the Marksman’s Focus which adds a scaling damage bonus on kill.

Time to master weapons, body, and tech to dole out some hard hitting rounds.


  1. Turbocharge – Rank 4 [Duration] // Rank 5 [Damage & Force] Profile bonus as well as gun mechanics in Andromeda are very easy to aim and land rounds. Upping damage is a no brainer…who doesn’t like more damage?!?! // Rank 6 [Supercharge] Rate of fire bonus = DPS increase.
  2. Concussive Shot – Rank 4 [Recharge Speed] I’m personally not a fan of the power cell mechanic // Rank 5 [Damage and Force] // Rank 6 [Anti-Shield] I find we face more shielded opponents than armor.
  3. Remnant VI – Rank 4 [Expedited Repairs] // Rank 5 [Close Combat Module] // Rank 6 [Detonating Missiles]

Literally Remtech

4) Tactical Cloak – Rank 4 [Damage Bonus] Increases concussive shot use coming out of shield // Rank 5 [Duration] Totalling 11s of cloak is massive, far better than the moderate move speed bump imo // Rank 6 [Escape Artist] controversial pick here I understand. At first I was all about the combat cloak, but it is only an additional 2 seconds of damage bonus which I do not think is as important as the ability to use this ability as our HP heal. Rather than seeing this ability as a weapon damage bump, I have begun to use it as a concussive shot damage increase (totaling 100% power damage bonus) to detonate ammo primers. Additionally, this cloak allows for reviving and getting the hell out of dodge.


The Tech passives are where this build really begins to shine.

  • Team Support – Rank 4 [Support] // Rank 5 [Team Recovery] // Rank 6 [Life Support]. Rank 6 is the mother of all sustains in this game. Using tac cloak with escape artist allows uninterrupted shield and health recovery to keep you on the battle field at all times. Using tac cloak to go invis and then pressing it again is a double heal in a pinch! Offensive Tech – Rank 4 [Anti Shield] // Rank 5 [Anti Synthetic] // Rank 6 [Technical Rounds]

Technical rounds is why I think combat cloak may be given way as using tac cloak gives you 30% weapon dmg bonus for 5 seconds which is more manageable of a window than 2 seconds for positioning and maneuvering on the battle field. The 2 second combat cloak seems more geared towards bursty sniper builds than the sustained solder builds.

  • Auxiliary Systems – Rank 4 [Priming] // Rank 5 [Enduring Tech] // Rank 6 [Shield Feedback]

This tree is just the bee’s knees. It provides more cloaking time AND it prompts your shield to regen shields as well as HP. You don’t quit. Priming provides this build another dimension of burst DPS on top of your already insane sustained gun dmg.

  • Combat Fitness – Rank 4 [Consumables] Now, I know this is a controversial pick here, but this build is very focused around ammo consumables, so this definitely gets mileage. Plus our healing from tac cloak is so persistent as well as our armor bonuses that the regeneration pick can be avoided. // Rank 5 [Heavy Lifting] Bigger clip means less bio aug procs // Rank 6 [Hold the Line] for those really difficult situations where you are eating shit, this helps. In the trench is for wussies who use cover. This build allows for fluid battle field movement.
  • Combat Tools – Rank 4 [Hover] // Rank 5 [ Detonators] // Rank 6 [Aerial Combat] Death from above in this tree. Also, Detonators is big here as using concussive shot to detonate primed enemies is a large part of the build.
  • Assault Rifles – Rank 4 [Weight] // Rank 5 [Clip Size] // Rank 6 [Shatter Defenses] I take shatter defenses over crit hits as it doesn’t matter how you hit the target, you will always do more and more and more and more damage.
  • Shotguns – Rank 4 [Weight] // Rank 5 [Clip Size] // Rank 6 [Damage and Force] But if you want to punch stuff then go [Melee Synergy]

(NOTE: though it’s under an active skill tree, it’s considered a passive ability. It’s worth going for Cryo Beam – Rank 6 [Snap Freeze] as it provides many bonuses to cryo explosions which are used in this build.)

For the rest of the points, I first suggest dumping into combat tree for rank 6 soldier profile as well as scaling passive bonuses for weapons and defense. Then dump into tech.


Mass Effect DLC


  • Disruptor Ammo – To be used against any opponent. This is truly the most OP ammo type as you can prime anything – shields, armor, red bars. Also it does a load of damage.
  • Incendiary Ammo – To be used against armor or red bars. It cannot prime shields.
  • Cry Ammo – To be used to mix it up. It’s lower damage than the aforementioned ammo types, but its fun to use still. It truly is fun to watch a mob shatter into 1000 pieces.

Load up an ammo type depending on your battlefield scenario and go to town. Your priming passive allows you to quickly prime targets which you can then tac cloak -> concussive shot for a large burst of aoe damage. It’s a lot of fun to chain kills really really quickly.


Mass Effect Console Commands

Typically disruptor ammo is the catch all ammo type as it covers shields and synthetics. So I will slap on an ammo before the fight starts, run into combat range, turbocharge, pick a target, shoot, watch to see when its primed, tac cloak, concussive shot. Usually at this point the target is dead as I wait till I am fairly certain the concussive shot detonation will finish off the enemy. So at this point, Fusion mod of adrenaline procs and I’m ready to rinse and repeat. Shoot, prime, cloak, concussive shot, dead. Repeat. Weaving through the battlefield, choosing priority targets. Its a really fluid build. It focuses on the weapon, but still allows big explosions and flexibility.


Mass Effect Armor

Remnant armor. I could go through the stats, but this is a Remnant SuperTrooper. Did you really think otherwise?

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline is to be used as it auto refreshes your recharging abilities on a kill. This allows this build to chain kills and constantly use, detonate, heal, and kill your way through opponents.

Shield Oscillator is huge as it provides 25% shield restore on kills. Very nice The rest of the augs are really up to you and your playstyle. I would avoid recharge speed due to fusion mod. You could go for a more defensive aug with shield boost or more offense with detonation damage or power damage. It’s really up to you.


Mass Effect Andromeda Level Cap

Again, going with the Remnant theme here. There are better weapons in the game, but Remtech gets the job done and its arsenal is nothing to scoff at.

  • Sweeper – 3 round burst, high damage, highly accurate.
  • Scattershot – Again the bioconverter and weapon damage augs. It’s your close range alternative.
  • Cryo gauntlet – Again, not the BEST melee weapon out there, but this is a Remnant theme. It can prime cryo which allows for detonations.

These are the weapons I mainly use, but feel free to use any other Remtech weapon. I use the Bioconverter mod, and so should you. Instant reload time means you never need to stop shooting, and the health loss is easily recuperated from Life Support. For the other mods, I use flat weapon damage as I switch between ammo types so often that I would prefer base damage under the ammo consumable rather than a buff to just 1 type. But if you want to use the ammo augments, then this is definitely the build to use them, but it’s only 1 per weapon. One cool option could be to use a different ammo augment per weapon!

Coolant unit is another augment that could be used. It adds larger clip size when special ammo is used. It does not stack with the bioconverter, so you will need to choose which special augment is right for you.


Mass Effect Andromeda Builds


Again, this is totally up to the user, but my general rule is that my first squad mate is who I will bang, and the other one is my favorite character. Who cares about this “complimenting my play style” mumbo jumbo. This build can easily solo the game. Although, next level gameplay would be to use Jaal…cause he’s Remtech.


Monolith Midnight. Wait for it……waaiiiit foooor iiiiiittttttt……REMTECH.


BRING BACK AMMO VARIETY. We don’t need every ammo to cause an explosion, although warp ammo into biotic explosions would be dope or a really cool like poison explosion that jumps from enemy to enemy causing reduced weapon damage or something. Anyway, here is a list of all of the ME1 ammo types just so we remember:

Anti-Personnel, Shredder, Armor Piercing, Tungsten, Incendiary, Inferno, Cryo, Snowblind, High Explosive, Hammerhead, Sledgehammer, Phasic, Proton, Chemical, Polonium, Radioactive.

I won’t belabor the point anymore, but they were fun and provided diversity to the soldier class. Simple as that.

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