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Smashy Drift

Smashy Drift

Smashy Drift will allow you to drive actively on racing cars, knocking down rivals, on various routes. This is done with the help of drift. There are 20 different tracks and 20 ways to survive; players are invited to pass in this game. There will be many difficulties. On the slopes, it is proposed to do active drifting, extreme way. Sharp drifts, it is offered to carry out on turns, in 360 degrees.

Choose cars

Players are given a lot of options to choose the fastest car. During the game, all players are given the opportunity to improve the car. In the game, you can play online or offline. In Smash Drift, users have a very good opportunity to improve their own positions in the rankings. You will like it.

All the actions that the player does in the game are clear.

Download Smashy Drift on Google Play

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