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What are the absolute BEST perks for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Perks

What helps you all the most in the game?


My opinion is of course just that: an opinion. Not fact. Just what I considered mandatory or very beneficial in all my playthroughs. Certain builds may pick unlisted perks as well that other builds would find useless, but would probably still pick most of these to go along with them.

  • Weapon-type Damage Perks: When you choose your weapon-type (Automatics, Pistols, Melee, etc) you’ll want to boost this specific perk. +20% damage per rank, 5 ranks. Kill enemies quicker, meaning you take less damage and save ammo.
  • Mod Crafting Perks: Upgrading your weapons is amazing and practically necessary. Upgrading your armor grants nice bonuses. If you don’t get this to craft mods, you’ll have to rip them out of items you loot from enemies/chests. This means many many many trips of carrying gear, ripping out mods, and selling or scrapping the excess until you get the ones you wanted to equip.
  • Locksmith & Hacker: I don’t like passing up areas even if they’re optional loot. Never feel like you’re “missing out on something” by being able to unlock and hack everything. Some places have keys or passwords… some don’t.
  • Sneak: I like scouting out an area before engaging rather than having everyone looking in my direction the moment I enter a room. This perk helps sneaking and higher ranks will let you move faster while sneaking while still gaining the full benefits.
  • Aquaboy/Aquagirl: No radiation damage from walking in water and underwater breathing makes water safe to travel around in or hide from melee enemies. Can save your life (or loot) if you accidentally fall into deep water in Power Armor.
  • Strong Back: I like to loot. Two ranks means +50 carry weight. Three ranks means you can fast travel while over the weight limit back to a settlement to drop off your goods.
  • Lone Wanderer: As a first-time player you’ll undoubtedly want to travel with a Companion; you won’t feel lonely and they have their own personal stories. Once you get tired of them being in your way and/or are starting a new playthrough, this perk is great for several bonuses. It also works even if you travel with a Dog. (If you love to loot then this is good to combine with Strong Back)
  • Action Boy/Girl: AP is used for VATS shooting and for Sprinting. More AP means more shots or faster traveling since you can sprint for longer.

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