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Magazine Codes

Fallout 4 Magazine Locations

I was wondering if anyone knows the console codes for the magazines/comics? None of the cheat sites I’ve checked have them. For some reason it seems I’m bugged and half of them aren’t there (this is with using a guide). The Bobbleheads are comparatively speaking right where they are supposed to be. I was unable after an hour of looking to find the two magazines in the silo you head to for the Liberty Reprimed Quest, nor was the one there in Pickman’s Gallery, or most others for that matter, this is with a guide saying “it’s right here dummy”. I’ve beaten the game without them (Minuteman victory, optionally shot down/defended against the BOS because I could).

Since it’s a long game I’ll probably cheat in my later playthroughs to see the other endings since I deleted a lot of my saved games to prevent clutter (ie I didn’t save at my big decision point, in retrospect I should have left a game where I had all my options open) anyway, but I would like to have the magazine collection before the DLC comes out and backtracking even with a the survival guide isn’t doing the trick since I search fairly well to begin with, and as I said, even looking at the locations I usually see nada.

If anyone can help with these codes it would be appreciated.

Magazine Codes List

Each issue helps in combat. Many of them directly increase damage. Some assist with health or in other ways.

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969A
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969B
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969C
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969D
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969E
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 0016969F
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A0
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A1
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A2
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A3
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A4
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A5
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A6
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales – 001696A7

The magazines consist of a 10-issue run that each give you an additional rank of the Barbarian perk, which raises the critical damage of melee attacks.

  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E741
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E742
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E743
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E744
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E745
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E746
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E747
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E748
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E749
  • Grognak the Barbarian – 0008E74A

Grants the Guns and Bullets perk for each issue read, there are 10 issues in total. The perk makes ballistic weapons do +5% critical damage, stacking for each issue read.

  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A83
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A87
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A88
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A89
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8A
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8B
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8C
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8D
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8E
  • Guns and Bullets – 00092A8F

Grants the Live & Love perk for each issue read, there are 9 issues in total.

  • Live & Love – 00184DA7
  • Live & Love – 00184DB9
  • Live & Love – 00184DC6
  • Live & Love – 00185CC2
  • Live & Love – 00185CCD
  • Live & Love – 001C2E24
  • Live & Love – 001C2E26
  • Live & Love – 001C2E28

Grants the Massachusetts Surgery (Finding Your Funny Bone) perk for each issue read, there are 10 issues in total. The Massachusetts Surgery perk makes any weapon inflict +2% limb damage, stacking for each issue read.

  • Massachusets Surgical Journal – 001A7C24
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E74B
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E74C
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E74D
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E74E
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E74F
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E750
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal – 0008E751

Gives you a level of the Junktown Vendor perk which lets you get better prices when buying from vendors. This perk can stack up to eight times.

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A63
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A64
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A65
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A66
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A67
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A68
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A69
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – 00092A6A

Gives the player character a level of the Tesla Science perk which makes energy weapons inflict +5% critical damage. This perk can stack up to nine times.

  • Tesla Science – 00092A78
  • Tesla Science – 00092A79
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7A
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7B
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7C
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7D
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7E
  • Tesla Science – 00092A7F
  • Tesla Science – 00092A80

Gives you a level of the Tumblers Today perk which gives a bonus to lockpicking, translating to a wider “sweet spot” when picking locks. This perk can be stacked up to five times.

  • Tumblers Today – 00092A6D
  • Tumblers Today – 00092A6F
  • Tumblers Today – 00092A70
  • Tumblers Today – 00092A71
  • Tumblers Today – 00092A72

Gives you a level of the Covert Operations perk which makes you more difficult to detect while sneaking.

  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E737
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E738
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E739
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73A
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73B
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73C
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73D
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73E
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E73F
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual – 0008E740

Gives you a level of the Unstoppable perk which gives a +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack. This perk can be stacked up to five times.

  • Unstoppables – 00135F03
  • Unstoppables – 00135F04
  • Unstoppables – 00135F05
  • Unstoppables – 00135F06
  • Unstoppables – 00135F07

Unlike most other magazines found in the Commonwealth, The Wasteland Survival Guide is a Post-War edition, written and illustrated with crude pen drawings.

  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 0008E75E
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00135F0A
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00135F0D
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00135F0E
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00185CBA
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00185CBD
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00185CC4
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00185CCA
  • Wasteland Survival Guide – 00185CD8

Miscellaneous Magazines

To add these to your inventory is just like adding a weapon or armour; just type “player.additem ID”, for example, player.additem 00180A36 will add Picket Fences Issue #1 to your inventory.

By reading the Hot Rodder, the Sole Survivor is able to unlock a new custom paint job for power armor. There are three Hot Rodder magazine paint jobs; All three grant a +1 Agility bonus when painted on a full set of power armor:

Flames – Red base with black flames.

Hot Pink – Pink base with white scallops.

Shark – Olive base with red edges, and eyes with a shark mouth on the torso.

  • Hot Rodder – 00180a24
  • Hot Rodder – 00185cbf
  • Hot Rodder – 00185cd1

Reading an issue grants you additional hairstyles available at the barber.

  • La Coiffe – 0009473e
  • La Coiffe – 001c63ed

Reading an issue adds items that you can build at settlement workshops.

  • Picket Fences – 00180A36
  • Picket Fences – 00184D8B
  • Picket Fences – 00184DB7
  • Picket Fences – 00185CDD
  • Picket Fences – 00185CEE

Gives you a holotape with a game you can play.

  • RobCo Fun – 000e5082
  • RobCo Fun – 00184da1
  • RobCo Fun – 00184dc4
  • RobCo Fun – 001c1418
  • RobCo Fun – 00184db2

The magazine gives a free facial tattoo available at any facial reconstruction surgeon.

  • Taboo Tattoos – 00184d9b
  • Taboo Tattoos – 00185ce2
  • Taboo Tattoos – 00184da5
  • Taboo Tattoos – 00184dc0
  • Taboo Tattoos – 00180a2a

The Total Hack is an electronic-technical book, which teaches the reader more about operating terminals and controlling turrets and spotlights. Each book provides a holodisk which must be loaded into a terminal controlling protectrons, spotlights, or turrets. This will allow the player to use special options on the terminal.

  • Total Hack – 00094736
  • Total Hack – 00094734
  • Total Hack – 00094735

This book will allow you to give yourself an extra a skill point of any attribute of your choice.

  1. “S is for Strength, and that means I am strong! I can carry lots of toys and swing stuff all day long!”
  2. “P is for Perception, a long funny word! It means what I tasted, smell, saw and heard!”
  3. “E is for Endurance, and that’s how long I can play! I’m always really healthy, and have energy all day!”
  4. “C is for Charisma, it’s why people think I’m great! I make my friends all laugh and smile, and never want to hate!”
  5. “I is for Intelligence, it means I’m really smart! I use my brain for lots of stuff, like science, math, and art!”
  6. “A is for Agility, that’s how I get around! I move real fast and easy, and I never make a sound!”
  7. “L is for Luck, and it’s simple, you see! It means that good things always happen to me!”

You’re SPECIAL! – 001a62d4

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