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Fallout 4 Northern Springs Walkthrough Main Quest

Fallout 4 Northern Springs

Getting the Main Quest started through to end of Part One.

Shake Hands With Beef Part 1

Getting the Main Quest started.

Part 1 of Shake Hands with Beef.

Shake Hands With Beef Part 2

Part 2 of Shake Hands with Beef.

Let’s finish rescuing Cerina.

Fallout 4 – Northern Springs Never The Hero

Meet Cerina at her cabin and travel to Northern Springs.

Get Quinton Grant as a Follower.

Complete Never The Hero quest and reach Sanatogan.

Find the Trader who sold Prototype G to Cerina

Let’s find Nicholas Barman, the Trader who sold Cerina the gun.

He is West of Sanatogan and South of Helen’s Fam.


Take the Prototype G Rifle back to its owner Emmett and find the parts to repair it.

When I did this quest taking Barman with me, at the end he said he was going off, but continued to follow me around telling me he was going off for a few days, again, and again, and again…

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