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Old Guns Quest – Glitch

Fallout 4 Old Guns Quest

I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this, but here’s the problem I’m having. When I get the quest Old Guns I return to the Castle to talk to Ronnie Shaw, when I attempt to talk to her she keeps saying “Not so fast General, you need to get the Artilary schematics and smoke grenades”. Well, I can’t do that till I’ve talked to her, but she just keeps repeating the fore mentioned line, and yes I have attempted restarting the game and reloading saves.

Anyone got a solution to this?


There’s three console commands you can try. Just make sure you save BEFORE you try any.

The QuestID for Old Guns is 000aa778 – note this down.

GetStage 000aa778 will give you your current stage number

ShowQuestStages 000aa778 will display all quest stages SQS will also work

Let’s say you’re stuck at stage 570 (using GetStage). Find the NEXT quest stage using SQS and then try advancing the quest using the command:

SetStage 000aa778 <whatever the next stage is for you>

For example, if the next stage is 580, you would type:

SetStage 000aa778 580

Be extremely careful with the SetStage command. You should only use it as an absolute LAST resort since you can introduce problems that can break your game later on. Just a warning.

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