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The 50+ Settlement and Settler Mods I Use

Fallout 4 Settlement Mods

I wrote this to be a response to another thread asking for settlement mod recommendations. However, after rereading the body of the post, I don’t think it would’ve been very helpful. However, since this was mostly written and I do love settlement building mods, I thought I’d make my own post with it. There are a ton of mods in the list, so I broke them up into how critical they are to the way I build (which is, admittedly, overly-clean and so-clearly-modded.) There is no ranking within each category and no judgment attached to it, it’s just how often I use them ballpark. The point of this isn’t really to say that you should use these mods, but I see this question get asked a fair bit so I thought I’d go ahead and type out the novella that is my settlement mod list.

As far as I can tell, I have everything I’m supposed to in the menus. I install SKE first, getting appropriate patches, then install SKI and overwrite. It seems to go pretty well, though there can be some lag between an update for SKE and one for SKI. During these times, it works less well. Anyway, to the list!



Used in almost every build to some extent.

Used often

Not in every build, but they’re here to stay.


Critical if you’re building around a certain theme, not so much if you’re not.

Just give me a reason

I have these installed, but have never actually used them. I’m trying to, though.

Settlers and Robots

And that’s pretty much it. The only downside(s) to having this set up is that some of the items have a very high polygon count and, as such, they will wreck your settlement budget. I never experience problems with a 10x budget to compensate, just really long load times. The other problem is how long it takes to scroll through menus and totally forgetting items even exist with more options than I can remember. When I’m stuck building and out of ideas, I just scroll around menus while I think. Maybe I’ll find something to help me along.

Thanks for reading. I hope you saw a mod or two that you’d find useful. Remember to endorse your mod authors. If you have any questions, please ask. Feel free to leave any feedback or recommend something you feel like I’ve missed.

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