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The List of All Mutations – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Mutations List

We now know all the possible mutations, but with some would be great if ppl who got them could add some further details about its functionality:

  1. Adrenal Reaction: weapons do more damage at low HP, -50 HP (Is there a threshold or its gradual?)
  2. Bird Bones: +4 agility, -4 strength, and less fall damage (how much less?)
  3. Carnivore: meat items give 2x benefits and no disease, but no vegetables (does it work only with raw meat or with other meat-related stuff as well? I’m especially curious about a dog food)
  4. Chameleon: Invisible in combat if unarmored and stationary
  5. Eagle Eyes: +25% critical damage, +4 perception, -4 strength
  6. EggHead: +6 intelligence, -3 strength, -3 endurance
  7. Electrically Charged: Chance to shock enemies upon being melee attacked (how often it happens and what that shock exactly does? Damage? Stagger?)
  8. Empath: teammates take -25% damage, player takes +25%
  9. Grounded: gain 100 energy resistance, but also -20% energy damage
  10. Healing factor: health regen +300%, chem effects -55% (Does not work in combat)
  11. Herbivore: Vegetables provide double benefits and no diseases, but cannot eat meat
  12. Herd mentality: +2 to all SPECIAL when in a group, -2 when not in a group
  13. Marsupial: +20 carry weight and improved jump height, -4 intelligence
  14. Plague Walker: poison aura scaling with own diseases (how exactly this procs?)
  15. Scaly Skin: +50 damage and energy resistance, -25 AP
  16. Speed Demon: +20 movement speed, faster reload speed (increase thirst and hunger, but not listed –¬†how much more it increase?)
  17. Talons: unarmed does +25% damage and bleed damage, but -50% gun accuracy
  18. Twisted Muscles: -50% to weapon accuracy and +25% to melee and limb damage
  19. Unstable Isotope: chance to radiate enemy melee attackers (is this on hit or on being hit?)

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