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Wanted – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Wanted

People with under 10 caps getting 1000+ “Wanted” bounties.

Why is this a thing? You kill the wanted player assuming a big pay out and they have literally 1 cap. They then get the damage debuff and just keep on attacking your base.

  • Why can you accumulate a bounty higher then the caps you have in your inventory?

  • Why can you still deal PvP damage with the PvP debuff and accumulate a bounty without caps?

  • Why can players in these types of teams do full damage as well if they have the PvP debuff?

How to fix:

  1. You cannot obtain a “Wanted” bounty higher then the caps you have on hand.

  2. You cannot damage buildings unless you have caps to support your “Wanted” status.

  3. You cannot reduce your cap pool under your “Wanted” total during trades or vending until its removed.

  4. You cannot engage someone in PvP unless you have more caps then your level.

  5. If you have the PvP debuff, your teammates also get this debuff.

PSA: People with over 1000+ “Wanted” is a bait-trap. You’ll get 0 cap’s killing them. Engaging the “Wanted” player just means death by his sniper team-mates.

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