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Farm and Fertilizer – 7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die Fertilizer

My friend and I are new to 7 Days to die, and we were wondering about the whole Farming and Fertilizer situation, so few questions, what should we farm and is there a specific skill that reduces the large crafting time it takes to craft Fertilizer? (Misc Crafting skill, Campfire, Chemistry lab, (Of course we know about the quick crafting skill)), And is there anything we need to worry about when farming, any tips? Thank you for helping.


Quicker Crafting is the only skill that affects craft timers so max that early especially if you grind by crafting. It only affects timers when you start the craft in any crafting station, so if you have a long time left and raise your Quicker Crafting it’s usually worthwhile to cancel and restart the craft. Fertilizer will still take a long time but it is a permanent upgrade to the block of soil fertilized so it’s not something you will have to constantly do again to refresh it.

As for the farming itself it’s not that difficult really just clear a flat area of dirt near your base so it will be loaded most of the time. Make sure you are on forest or plains type ground or crops won’t grow well at all. If you have a base in the snow, desert, or wasteland you can go dig up a lot of dirt and craft soil blocks to put down for your planting area. If you choose to do this you can even set your farm up on a roof by placing a row of soil blocks on it. I prefer to make a wood platform and put my own dirt down in rows of 20 with wood frames surrounding each row so I only have single columns of dirt separated by wood making a walkway between them. You can just do it right on the ground though if you want to save the effort, either way grows the same I just don’t like how hard it is to plant when the rows are right next to each other.

Now on the subject of what you should farm. As soon as you can possibly do it you want corn, potatoes, goldenrod, and aloe planted. The corn and potatoes are the basis for meat stew which is a great food once you can get to producing it. The goldenrod is the best overall drink as it both raises wellness and does not adjust your temperature in any direction. If you devote more space to growing corn and want to raise your wellness as fast as possible then cornbread is the highest ratio of wellness to filling though you have to eat a lot of it to fill up each time. Extra corn can also be used to make grain alcohol which is hands down the best stamina buff in the game, same as beer but lasts MUCH MUCH longer.

The aloe is to make the bandages that heal you. Once you are growing the aloe these become super easy to make, far easier than med kits. They heal slowly but are super cheap and you can farm both the aloe and the cotton making them the easiest healing item to stockpile.

You may also want to plant a couple rows of cotton, even if you only harvest it rarely you will find yourself using a LOT of cloth. There are many ways to get it without farming, but once you plant a few rows you never have to bother gathering it again. This also ensures you have a supply of raw cotton nearby to make minibike seats either for your first bike, or in order to combine in the workbench and raise the quality of the one you are using.

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