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The hardest of the dream bosses? Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Dream Bosses

Alright, now that I beated the three of them, I can give my opinion and some tricks; from the easiest to the hardest for me:

  • Failed Champion: I read a little bit everywhere that he was considered to be the toughest of them all, and shit, I think he’s the easiest. You just need shadow dash and quick slash (+ sharp shadow if ya want) to cheese your way through him LITERALLY (you can dash through him and spam him while he’s looking the other away.)
  • Lost Kin: honestly, would put him on the same level as Failed champion. Get yourself the spore shroom to guarantee healing while he’s knocked out. Also, Sharp shadow is gud.
  • Soul Tyrant: since he’s hella fast, just equip yourself with the two long-range charms available. That way you can smash him before he disapear. Also, git rly gud. Would consider him the toughest IMH.

Another trick is to listen to a music of your choice for each battle (since these ones are silent anyway). I think it helps remembring patterns, and helps you also concentrate “less” on the battle (it’s a good thing, since it gives hand to your instinct and intuition.) Also, when you’re mid-battle, it helps in staying composed (sometimes in mid-battle, we get excited and scared and we fuck up).

Tell me guys your order of the toughest one?

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