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Honey Select VR Guide

Honey Select VR

HoneySelect English/VR Guide for ‘Fully Updated HoneySelect + All DLC & Extra Content [BACKUP] – Version 1.20’

I’m a newb to HoneySelect, and as I had a hard time getting to this point I wanted to make a quick tutorial to hopefully help others.


  • If you want the super easy/lazy way, just do steps 1 and 6-9.
  • When you are told to extract any files, always overwrite if asked.


2. Download ‘Fully Updated HoneySelect + All DLC & Extra Content [BACKUP] – Version 1.20’. No need to install it, just extract the files wherever you like.

3. Download IPA (required for many mods to work). Extract the files to the main HS (HoneySelect) folder, then install by dropping the HoneySelect_64.exe onto the IPA.exe.

4. Download ‘WideSlider’ to allow you to change body features past 100% (needed for mods that use it). Install by just extracting everything in the ‘WideSlider_0.8.3’ folder in the zip into the main HS directory.

5. Download AdditionalBoneModifier (needed for many mods). You only need to copy the Plugins folder to your main HS folder.

6. Download Ggmod1.6.1_NEO (needed for mods and high heels). Extract the files in the ‘Ggmod1.6.1_NEO (English)’ folder to your HS folder.

7. Download SBX2.5d (female uncensored) and Male_Uncensor_From_PlayClub_v4.1 (male uncensored). Just extract the ‘abdata’ folders inside each to the main HS folder.

8. Install the English Translation Package files in the order shown here (there is a Readme.txt file inside). NOTE: Some of the folders have the ‘Plugins’ folder in them, and others have the ‘UITranslation’ folder in them. The ‘Plugins’ folders need to go into the main HS folder, and the ‘UITranslation’ folders need to go into the Plugins folder. – Don’t ask me why they weren’t all just Plugins folders to make it easier, I didn’t make the files, I just made this guide.)

9. Download VR patch. Just extract the files to your HS folder.

10. Run HoneySelect_64VR.exe to play! (Run HoneySelect_64.exe for non-VR mode, easier for making changes).

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