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Boom Beach Strategy

Boom Beach

Get the best and the most effective Boom Beach Strategy there is and lead you troops towards victory. Learn the secrets from the expert and use it to your advantage. Each and everyone of us takes time to learn especially if you are playing for the first time. I was once a noob in this relatively new SuperCell game, Boom Beach. It was my first time to play such game genre way back November last year. It took me sometime to get the feel of the game but I feel in love with it eventually. I was envious by those who are top in the leaderboards. I thought that most of them are money spenders on the game that is why the experience is easy for them since there is no need for them to grind.

SuperCell Boom Beach

To my surprise, as I was gaining considerable amount of top players online, most of the are just like me. They are not spending a single dime of money on the game,  but the big difference is that they have this secret tactic that gets them the most out of their time playing. Of course, they did not openly taught me what it is. That is why I had to do my research with the little shade of light from a few of them. After few weeks of persistence, I already have risen into a relatively an elite player. Thanks to my discovery and of course I have to add my own flavor into it. My success can also be your success story if you apply the things that helped me become who I am today in this game. I am posting the full tutorial of the strategy I used in the download button below. But before you take action, you can take a glimpse of the features that you can expect from it.


  1. Resourcing Management. This is to ensure that you start in the right foot with the basic ones in the correct placement. This will enable exponential progress and advance quickly. This also includes how to earn fast diamonds, gold, and other resources without spending real money.
  2. Attacking Guide. This will help you correctly attack and how to use the combination of units — when and how — to its fullest potential and how to counter against enemy combos.
  3. Defensive Tactics. This will help you find the most effective design and the upgrades needed to compliment it. Let us make your base the strongest it can be.
  4. General Knowledge. The very basic things you need to know from the game —  including not limited to such as game mechanics, key structures, functions, strategy and what to do for a start and what’s really important for quick progress!
  5. So much more…

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