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Ghost Town Challenge – The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Ghost Town Challenge

When you have too many Sims and move someone out, their actions could ruin your plans for the family. They could get in a relationship, or have some competition at work, or … who knows, so why not kill everyone so your family is the only one thriving?


Making a family can be hard. You need to think about how many sims you want to control at first. As I say in the summary video I started out with five female young adults not related to each other, and found a husband for each one. I went through the cycle of getting my girls married one by one, the husbands stayed for two days (according to game logic they have to live with you for at least that long), then I moved them out. Now two of my girls have had children, so there’s only one more slot for me to move someone in.

The last time I tried this I had two sims, a male and female young adult who were married. That was a lot easier because I could move in an entire household and pick them off one by one (I assume drowning multiple sims at once could overload things, so I’ve never tried it).

Moodlet Manager

This will help immensely, when a sim dies in the presence of another sim the witness grieves for two days, but with this tool you can make your sim forget instantly. It improves their mood, and any negative status effects like stress or hunger just go away. Sadly you can’t use it on babies, toddlers, or children. It also doesn’t always work, sometimes it does the opposite, but then you can just try again. It is a lifetime reword object, and it takes a lot of points, so typically I use cheats to rack up points.


Your pool should only be big enough to get the job done. Bar it off so they can’t get out. In the sims 3 you can just climb out the side, pools no longer need a hand rail for you to get out. I typically use fence instead of walls to seal them inside, that’s just my OCD.

Pleasant Rest

I recommend buying the graveyard. It’s where the game intended to put the gravestones, but you have to check occasionally to see if you need to manage the dead. I would say it’s important, since Yumi Sekemoto and the Clavell’s are already elders when you make a new game.

Getting the gravestones from the Goth and Crumplebottom residences into the graveyard might prove difficult, but it’s soothing to my sanity.

Chance of glitch

As I explain in my summary video there’s a glitch that may or may not happen, and as far as I can tell others have encountered it but there doesn’t seem to be a solution. this glitch causes your gravestone to disappear immediately after you place it, but it’s still there. If you hover your mouse over the spot where you put the gravestone, your cursor becomes a “no symbol” as Wikipedia calls it. So you can’t see the gravestone, and you can’t interact with it, but it’s there.

Drown Everyone

One by one, use Edit Town and Split up Household to move sims in with you and drown them in your pool, until there is only your family! Don’t forget to put the gravestones where they belong, the chance of that glitch happening goes up if you make a second graveyard. Have fun!

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