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How to make Mac & Cheese According to the Sims 3

Mac and Cheese has been made all wrong this entire time. It’s time for the world to know how to properly make it according to how the Sims does it.


Alright. To begin we need to get the ingredients from the fridge or pay a little money to have them appear in our fridge.

When you open the fridge you’ll notice that the board with all the ingredients is already tucked away in the fridge – it must have known you wanted to make Mac and Cheese.

Ensure that you have the following ingredients on your board:

  • A carton of milk.
  • A box of macaroni.
  • A wedge of cheese.

By Machine

Now that you have all of those items, it’s time to begin. If you have an Ingredient Eviscerator, then continue on. If not, continue to the heading titled “By Hand”. Now take your hand and put it between all of these items. Make sure to grab nothing. With your hand full of air, put it into the Eviscerator. After a couple times of doing this, you’ll notice that in the blender is now a pink-ish mixture – this is normal. The carton, box, and cheese have all disappeared from the board, presumably into the blender. You need that cardboard in your diet, don’t worry.

Put the board into your pocket, it’ll go into thin air and you won’t need to worry about it ever again. Put the lid of the Eviscerator on, and start blending. During the blending process, you might see some chunks of what appear to be meat in the blender. Scientists believe it’s just the cardboard chemically mixing and turning pink – this also explains the pink mixture.

By hand

Put the board onto your nearest counter. Notice that the cheese has turned into a full cylinder, and that there is some added green mixture off to the side. You’ll want to begin cutting up the cheese cylinder, and also notice that macaroni is coming out of it. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that macaroni has been added into the cheese cylinder to soak the cheese in; we just can’t see it.

Ensure that you only cut the edge of the cylinder for maximum taste, and after a while the cylinder will suddenly split into two wedges again. You’ll begin cutting the air only, with macaroni still flying out – THIS IS NORMAL. Scientists believe that this is due to light from the cut macaroni repeating itself spontaneously, resulting in the illusion that macaroni is appearing out of nowhere.

Once again, the cheese you’re cutting will again split, and this time you will notice the wedge you were cutting next to has had some of the cheese on it’s point disappear, and there is a pile of what appears to be salt/sugar next to it. Take that green mixture that you have in the corner, and begin sprinkling it into the crystal (that is, salt/sugar) mixture. You’ll notice that the only things sprinkling out of your hand are (presumably) salt and pepper – Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that your Sim will refine the green mixture into salt and pepper somehow.

Also occasionally put in some spices from a grinder/shaker that is assumably in your vacuum pocket.

Now the mixture has turned into a bowl full of what looks like rice and beans – however it is not.

Here is where the milk comes in. Pour the milk into the new bowl. Now get a big bowl out of your pocket, and with your other hand begin scooping the air next to the bowl. You can slightly touch the bowl and get a little, but make sure to mainly grab air. Put this into the bowl, and after a few times of doing this, the entire board will instantly disappear and in the bowl is filled with macaroni. It is assume that, just like what would occur with the Eviscerator, the cardboard from the boxes was assimilated into the mixture.

After a few seconds of preparing, it’s time to turn this into something edible.


Take the contents of the Eviscerator (if applicable) and into a standard bowl. You will notice that immediately upon entering the bowl that the mixture turns yellow and begins to take on a macaroni-esque texture. Mix the mixture in the bowl for a few seconds, and then dispose of the mixing tool into your pocket where it will, like the board did, vanish into nothing.

Now it’s time to fire up that stove! Take the stirred mixture and transfer it into a pot.

Put that pot onto a stove and turn the stove on. Take back your mixer from your vacuum pocket (Scientists believe that they do not disappear immediately upon entering) and insert it into the now-cooking mixture. Stir while cooking, and don’t mind that the mixture does not spin with your tool – it is perfectly fine. Now and again, add a little salt or pepper to give it some nice flavor. Be sure to take the tool out and let the macaroni sit for a little bit while adding it, since we also want that charred feeling.

After a while of cooking, adding seasoning, and occasionally wafting the smell to ensure that it does not burn (which it did in my case, don’t repeat), the macaroni will suddenly change to a golden-brown texture (or a brown-black if you burnt it) and be delicious.

Serving and Enjoying

Now that the mac and cheese is done cooking, and it has turned that golden-brown color (hopefully), it’s time to serve. If you selected the group option when making this, put it into a big bowl for all family members to see. If you selected the single option, put it into a smaller bowl, it’ll still be fine. Either way, serve it immediately, we do not want it to cool down at all after cooking.

Now that this has been made, and you and/or your family members are enjoying it, feel free to point out that you received help from this guide. Thank you for tuning, and see you next time for another cooking tutorial!

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