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Clay – Stardew Valley

Clay Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley clay is a country game with good characters. There are various activities in the game. Users can go fishing, plant trees and vegetables, search for interesting options and raise some animals. The most distinguishing feature of the game is that it allows you to express your creativity with the help of some specified tools and materials. There are a lot of items for you to use for crafting easily. Some of these tools can become useful later in everyday basis. There is also an option that allows you to increase your productivity level and become faster at it. The tools available can also be upgraded to save you from the stress of doing hard work daily.

How to Get Clay

There are some specific resources you need to have to be able to create your items. Some items need iron and wood. Clay is not rare, and you can use it to make some quality soil, build a silo. You can also use a keg to transform a vegetable or food into a beverage. A clay Stardew Valley is the main constituent of a keg alongside other items such as wood, copper and an iron bar.

A silo (which is a building that transforms grass into hay) is extremely important to players that raise animals. A newly cut grass needs to be added to the silo building automatically. A silo has 240 pieces of hay, and you will need ten pieces of clay to build it.

Most beginners are concerned about Stardew Valley where to find clay. Stardew Valley clay can be found easily when you utilize some unique options made available by the valley, but you must work, and you will have to use a hoe to dig, and you will get dirty. In Stardew Valley clay can be found when you move towards the beach and even in your farm. But the beach could be your best option as it is a good source of clay. Although the beach is a good source of clay, you can only get one piece of clay in the beach sand.

Beach Clay Stardew Valley

Aside from these, researchers have discovered that the Artifact spots is a great source for finding clay. To extract the clay, you will have to dig with a hoe and the spots can be identified easily with the movement of worms around it. Some players prefer to call such spots ‘worms’, but a closer look at the game code will reveal the name ‘Artifact.’ The presence of worms is an indication that the spot would be very easy to dig into. Such spots usually produce up to three pieces of clay. These spots do not just create clay alone. They serve as hidden sources for Artifacts, lost books or mixed seeds. These Artifact spots can easily be seen during the winter season. But they aren’t without winter roots or snow yams.

With the clay Stardew Valley, you can also find specific squares that have clay deposits in them. As soon as you discover a square with clay, go ahead to the next square.

The Geodes is also another good source of clay. By opening these geodes, you can get up to one piece of clay. They serve as deposits in mines, and you can get them when you break rocks. These geodes have different mineral deposits and to process them, you will need about 25 in gold.

Rare as Clay Stardew Valley

Our advice is you should look for options where they could get worms on the soil. Artifact spots are a good option, and they tend to rejuvenate again even without digging.

We have even discovered another place to find clay easily. The Pelican town host an annual ceremony during the fall season, at about 9 am to 2 pm. One unique aspect of the festival is the giving of gifts. During the ceremony, clay will be served as gifts from notable persons.

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