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Stardew Valley how to fish

How to fish in Stardew Valley

How to make actual catches on the Fishing Mini-Game

We all love Stardew Valley but one challenging aspect of the adorable game is the fishing minigame. This is mostly due to the need for a bit of practice. To make things even more complicated, a player could encounter a fish that’s tough to catch at the early stages; most times these tricky catches can only be bagged by more experienced players. This detailed piece is a guide to mastering the basics of the Stardew Valley’s mini fishing game; keep reading and you’d soon find out that actually catching a fish isn’t rocket science.

Casting a Fishing Line

Stardew Valley fishing

Grab your pole and head to an ocean or river. You’d need to click on the action button twice. The first to bring a meter onto the screen. The second takes a bit more effort as you’d need to hit the button when the bar is full or thereabouts to cast your line further.

Depending on where the bobber lands, a variety of fishes will be attracted to it. Catch rates are better at locations farther from land. Your best bet will be to find a spot from where you can cast as far away from land as possible. One great place to try is the left side of the docks close to the beach.

Wait for a Hit

fishing game Stardew Valley

After casting your line, it takes 10 seconds or less to get a hit. A hit basically refers to a fish biting on the bait and getting caught by the hook. Press the action button once more upon hearing a sound and getting a visual indication. If you’ve got an actual fish rather than some seaweeds on the hook, the fishing minigame will begin.

Fishing Mini-Game Main Objective: Keeping the fish inside the green box

Stardew Valley game

To make a successful catch, you’d need to keep your fish inside the green box which can be controlled using the action button.

Sounds easy right?

ore experienced players. Well, the problem is the fish will move up and down randomly on the green bar. If you’ve got it within the box, the main meter indicates you’re making your catch by filling up.

The same meter drains when your fish leaves the green box. The box gradually gets dim after a sound (an alarm of sort) is heard. Get the fish in the box again and the main meter begins to rise again. Once the bar is full, you have successfully caught your fish.

The challenge here is the random movements of the fish which could be up or down and even include some rapid bounces which make things a lot harder. You will need to overcome this by applying the correct amount of virtual pressure to your line.

How to do this?

It’s not as difficult as many players think; you will find out soon. Different fishes produce different degrees of movements and legendary fishes can seem impossible to catch. Don’t be discouraged as a beginner, with time you’ll be a legendary fisherman too.

Moving the Green Box

Fishing game Stardew Valley

Left click on your mouse or press the action button on your Xbox controller to move the green box upward. The box rises continuously when you hold the button and falls when you let go. To maintain the box in one position, left click on the mouse or press the action button repeatedly to prevent it from rising or falling.

To move up a bit, press the button more rapidly; clicking a bit slower makes the box move down. Press and hold to make the box rise faster when required then continue with the repeated clicking to maintain its position. If the fish moves down, let the green box fall by letting go of the action button. If it moves to uphold the action button and click as required.

These moves will help you master the controlling rhythm of the green box in no time.

One challenging aspect of the game is when the fish moves all the way down the bar, letting the box fall freely makes it bounce when it hits the base. Click on the action button to apply some pressure just before it hits the base to make the box bounceless.

The fish gets into the box seamlessly when both box and fish are at the base; this usually happens automatically. Since the fish only moves up from here, all you need do is to wait for it to do so and then make the green box follow suit using the techniques explained earlier.

More information on how to fish in a Stardew Valley

Fishing in game Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley fishing tips shared above should help you become more successful on the minigame. As you advance through the levels, the area of the green box increases making it progressively easier for you to catch average fishes. Further benefits you enjoy when you get to levels 6-8 include a tackle and an iridium fishing pole; this pair will improve your success rate immensely. As you progress, catching a legendary fish will get much easier.

Practice makes perfect so your Stardew Valley character gains some much-needed experience after every successful catch. Once you get to level two, you can up your fishing game by crafting or buying more assorted baits for your fiberglass fishing pole. These baits can be purchased at the shop beside the docks on the beach.

The number of fishes biting on the baits increases allowing you to catch even more fishes in a day. You get to wait for shorter periods between trials and Stardew Valley fishing becomes much less boring.