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Pro Tip: Make the Quarry Great Again – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Quarry

Roughly 375 kegs in this layout. It’s amazingly fast to reload in this configuration as well (faster than barns and faster than the tunnel/road). I honestly see no reason to use on-farm space or even barns for kegs before the quarry is full. Place an indicator keg (Img 1) somewhere near your farmhouse and when it’s ready, so is the quarry. In that screenshot, you can see two prominent indicator kegs – the one on cobblestone pathing is for the quarry and the one on stone flooring is for the tunnel/road/bus stop, where Pam has roughly 405 kegs (Img 2).

Img 1:

Img 2:

No worrying about NPCs wrecking your stuff there. No worrying about indicator keg timing being off due to the festival bug. And no wasting precious space on your farm that could otherwise be used for a pasture fenced in by gold clocks.

If you’ve spent any time using the Quarry for its intended purpose, you know that it’s about as useful as panning. I know what you’re thinking: “Occasionally the quarry gives me iridium!” I suppose… maybe once every 4th in-game year it may decide to grace you with 2 iridium ores, but be careful not to harvest those with bombs or you’ll only get a few stone. Make the Quarry great again with kegs.

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