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Night Market Mermaid – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Night Market

Coincidentally had my current save already on the last night of the market when I started up the beta.

Went to this swanky mermaid place:

And noticed that if you sit through the whole show, you can right click on the shells at the front of the stage and they’ll play a note and display a colour:

A colour which matches to some of the weird designs of the show:

I feel like this has something to do with the door to the right of the mermaid, since the show seems otherwise useless…

I’ve yet to figure out a pattern that makes sense. I don’t know if the colours change on a different night or anything. It’s all very odd. and the gold colour hasn’t actually showed up in the show for me.

It might be something that requires looking at for all nights of the night market?

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