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Stardew Valley: Summer Crops

Stardew Valley Summer Crops Game

The Price of the Seed, The Crop Sale and The Profit on The Day

Stardew Valley Summer Crops

The table below shows all the summer crops in the Stardew Valley and the price at which they can be bought in the store. You can find out how much time the crop grows. The list begins with the most profitable summer crops, which will make more money.

The lower the crop is in the table, the less profitable it is for cultivation. If you apply fertilizer to them, the crop will be many times more. Don’t forget to look at the timing when the season starts.

You can plant something in a short time to get the maximum profit, and then grow some vegetables or fruits to gather up money for quality seeds for better profits in the future.

Summer Crops in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Summer Crops GamePlay

CropCostGrowsSellProfit$ per day
Blueberries$8013 days$240$160$12.3/day
Blueberries can actually produce up to $35/day if you plant them at the beginning of Summer as they are harvestable every 4 days when mature. Blueberries produce 3 berries when harvested at $80 each.
Starfruit$40013 days$800$400$30.1/day
Starfruit seeds can be bought at the Desert once you’ve repaired the Pelican Town bus by completing the Vault Bundle (one of the last).
Red Cabbage$1009 days$260$160$17.8/day
Red Cabbage seeds are only available at the general store from Year 2 Summer onward.
Melon$8012 days$250$170$14/day
Melons are an attractive option. They can become giant crops if you place them in large patches (3×3 minimum) and yield double, so you may be surprised with even more profit! Giant crops are harvested with the axe.
Hops$6011 days$25$-35$13/day
Hops can be harvested a total of 17x (as it is harvestable daily once mature) in order to provide a profit of $13/day. It can be turned into pale ale for an even better profit, but that requires time and Kegs.
Hot Peppers$405 days$40$0$10/day
Hot Peppers are available every 3 days upon maturity. This lets you harvest them 8 times in a season, so they’re profitable after the first harvest.
Tomato$5011 days$60$10$9.3/day
Tomatoes are can be harvested every 4 days once mature, meaning a plant can produce $250 in profit over its 28 day lifespan.
Radish$406 days$90$50$8.3/day
Corn$15014 days$50-$100$7.4
For Corn to be profitable, you must plant it at the beginning of Summer and harvest it through Fall. It manages a scant $1.9/day if you only plant it for one season and manage 4 harvests (it is available every 4 days after maturity). Corn is involved in two bundles, so I’d advise you to buy a few and fertilize them so that you can get a gold star Corn for Quality Crops and an extra for the Fall Crops Bundle.
Poppy$1007 days$140$40$5.7/day
Spangle$508 days$90$40$5/day
Wheat$104 days$25$15$3.8/day

After looking at the table we will see that blueberries in the summer will give the farmer the best crop, although Starfruit will help you earn dollars quickly when you open them in the Oasis.

Do not forget that there is a certain list of products that are used in cooking recipes, and this is a good reason to grow them. Also, some of them used in Bundles and need to complete the Community Center.

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