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These are all the eggs I have found so far, and the locations I’ve found them. If you’ve found other eggs, or locations, please post them and I will update the list. If you’re willing, you could also submit a screenshot with F1 toggled ‘on’ so we can see the coordinates.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already!

Large aquarium

Ok, step one get a (or two) egg (see below for details)/fish

Step two build a large aquarium and put a hatch on it

Step Three PUT the egg/fish in the aquarium


You will need two to breed by the way.

Small Fish Breeding

All small fish that you are able to eat can breed but they don’t have eggs (not including the spadefish).


  • Spadefish – Captivity

I don’t know if this is intended or a bug, but these only seem to spawn if you put two Spadefish in a large Aquarium together. I have not been able to find any in the wild.

  • Rabbit Ray – Safe Shallows

Smaller then other eggs, just a bit bigger than softballs. Easy to miss, but tend to be close to the shallowest part of Safe Shallows.

Safe Shallows: -152, -12, -14

  • Gasopod – Safe Shallows

Do not spawn in abundance it seems, but can be found around the edges of Safe Shallows.

Safe Shallows: 119, -68, 134

  • Stalker – Kelp Forest

Possibly the easiest egg to spot, especially at night, as they give off a mild glow.

Kelp Forest: -133, -46, 234

  • Sand Shark – Grassy Plateaus

Always hidden among the red grass.

Grassy Plateaus: 290, -98, 126

  • Bone Shark – Koosh Zone, Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forest

You’ll find these in grassy areas as well, best if searched during the day.

Koosh Zone: 1233, -220, 657

  • Shocker – Koosh Zone, Blood Kelp Caves / Zone

Tend to find these around the largest Koosh plants.

Koosh Zone: 965, -218, 693

  • Jellyray – Mushroom Forest, Grand Reef

No special trick to these, they are just lying about.

Mushroom Forest: 688, -179, 395

  • Crabsnake – Jelly Shroom Caves

Confirmed spawn: Spawns in jelly Shoorms with in caves

  • Reefback – Grassy Plateaus

*Can only be had via Console Commands as far as I know. F3 –> Enable Console –> “item reefbackegg”


Interesting things I’ve learned along the way:

  • Eggs do not spawn immediately when entering a Biome, you must give them a minute (reproduction is har… difficult!)
  • You (currently) cannot drop a piece of metal in a tank to farm teeth from Stalkers
  • Some fish do not grow as large in captivity, the Shocker most notably
  • It does not matter if you put a Shocker egg in a single large Aquarium or a huge 10 deck Aquarium, they will grow to be the same size
  • Hatched fish do not seem to eat regular fish if you stock their Aquarium, so “feeding” does not seem to be necessary
  • If you put 2 of the same breed of regular fish in an Aquarium, they will breed like RABBITS!! (until the tank is considered “full”)
  • If you quit the game before an egg you’ve placed in a tank has hatched, they can sometimes disappear
  • Once you’ve hatched an egg, its breed will show up as one of your Blueprints
  • Wildlife you cannot pick up and add to your inventory in the wild… becomes lootable if you hatch it in an Aquarium
  • The Spadefish egg is as big or bigger than the Spadefish itself. I’m guessing this was so they wouldn’t be impossible to find

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